Best Free Ebook Readers For Smartphones

Nowadays, online dwellers spend most of their time on the Internet looking for different ways to entertain themselves or to somehow improve their lifestyles. While some choose to use the greenplay Bonus Code to play their favorite casino game longer, others will look for healthy diet plans and free workout sessions. And there are those who search the Internet for useful free apps that can help them save some money that they would otherwise have to spend on expensive gadgets.

One such gadget is Kindle. Or other similar Ereaders that many people use to read books of different genres. No one can deny that the practicality of such devices is great. They enable you to carry around dozens of books on a single device. However, there are many other apps that can easily turn your phone or tablet into an Ereader, so you don’t have to waste your money on another gadget. Below, you can see what are the best Ereader apps for tablets and phones.

Amazon Kindle App

Interestingly enough, Amazon doesn’t make you buy Kindle so you can read Amazon books.

Their Ereader app is compatible with a great number of devices like Mac and Windows desktop computers, as well as iOS and Android smartphones.

The Amazon Kindle app has many different features that can make your reading experience even better. These features include changing the color and the size of the font, marking up different passages, bookmark, search, and other options. What is more, you can mark a word that looks unfamiliar and you will have a dictionary pop right up to help you out. 

Google Play Books

Even though the Google Play Books app isn’t as popular as the Kindle app, that doesn’t make it a poor choice for fans of Ebooks. On the contrary. You can use this app on both iOS and Android devices, but it can also be started via Chrome browser with the right extension.

The readers can alter the font, the size of the text, as well as the color. Moreover, they can add a bookmark so they would know where they left off. Also, they can set the app to read the book aloud for them, which is a great option if you want to listen to the book as you fall asleep. 

Apple Books

The last place on our list goes to  Apple books, and not because they are a poor Ereader. But simply because they can be used only on iOS and iPadOS devices. This is a built-in reader that can help you access your favorite Ebooks and audiobooks. Furthermore, the Apple Books app will help you adjust the brightness level, as well as different text settings such as size and font type. Just as the previous two apps, this one also has a bookmark option, and it allows you to make your own personalized notes. If you like to scroll instead of swipe, you can use the “Scrolling View” options to make the necessary changes.