Reasons Why Libraries Are Essential

Reading is a hobby and passion that people love but often forget about due to the vast problems we encounter in our daily lives. From actual problems to allowing our brains to scroll to endlessly changing content, we are met with difficulties at every step of the way.

Purchasing books is a very senseless way to read, because one, we need to have lots of money, and two, we need to have lots of storage space to keep the books. Some people enjoy having a vast library but in all frankness, most of the books are probably never read again and are there as vanity trophies.

This is where reality kicks in and we realize we have libraries. Libraries have been around since the 7th century BC, and they are important. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Freeish Knowledge

Libraries offer us the chance to borrow a book and keep it, usually for 14 days. Over that period, any book can be read, and with a timer, we are motivated to read it faster. Not only that, but library fees are often really cheap and with that, we can afford to get our hands on as many books as we want. 

In some cases, libraries are free, or rather, the memberships are, depending on whether you’re a student, child, or whether the library has a free period where you can join and enjoy reading books for an entire year. For most libraries, the price of an annual membership is cheaper than a single book is.

That alone should motivate most avid READERS to join, readers being highlighted because their goal is to read and not collect or display books.

Specialized Books

Libraries are great because there are many scientific books. These special books can often be read-only inside the library and cannot be taken off-site. This is good because it helps preserve the books and it still allows the visitor to have access to scientific research and more specialized books, without having to pay tons of money.

Whether local or foreign research, libraries tend to store such books, and for any student at any age, there is knowledge to be found.

The Journey is Important

There is something magical about going to a library and looking at all the books on the shelves. You pick out a couple of books you want, and sometimes, you have trouble picking the book you like the most. This part of the journey is really nice. Then, there is often the excitement of going back home to read the book. Returning a book also marks the end of one journey, but the start of another.


Libraries have and always will be important, whether physical or digital. Find a local one, get a membership and start reading!