A Short Guide To Paper Types

No matter if you are a writer, a graphic artist, or a publisher, there is one topic that binds all of these people together – and that’s paper. The importance of the paper quality can mean the difference between a sought-after and long-forgotten edition. And that is why you should learn as much about paper as you can before your work goes to printing. 

There are many things to know about paper. Like the type, the sizes, the finish. And for people who never had the chance to deal with this topic before, it can all seem a bit confusing and complicated. That is why we have decided to make this short guide that will help you choose the right paper for the job. One of the most difficult decisions can be choosing the type of paper you need. Below, you can find various types of paper as well as a description for each, so you can know what to look for.

Bond Paper

Bond paper is used for envelopes, letterheads, and typed reports. The reason why is because it’s stronger than the normal sheet. Also, it is also harder to rip, which makes it perfect for envelopes that need to protect another piece of paper inside.

Bond paper is made of rag pulp which is why it’s so stronger than the average sheet that is made from low-quality wood pulp. 

This type of paper is stronger and more durable than the average sheet of paper. 

Gloss Coated Paper 

If you need a type of paper that will have a high level of shine to it, then the gloss-coated paper is for you. This type of paper is mostly used for different brochures and flyers.

It’s interesting that the ink dries particularly well on gloss-coated paper. Therefore, seal varnish isn’t necessary, as the ink won’t come off. 

Matt Coated Paper

Matt coated paper has a matt finish that prevents any type of shine. This means that matt-coated paper is completely opposite to the gloss-coated type. Whether you will use matt-coted or gloss-coated will depend solely on your preference. Some people will use this paper for invitations and flyers. 

Recycled Paper

Definitely, one of the most popular types of paper in the past five years.

There is a high demand for recycled paper these days since more and more companies are joining in the effort to protect and save our environment. And recycled paper is one of the ways to do it.

This type is made out of recycled paper products. It can be used for many different things like notebook papers, reports, forms, etc. Additionally, it promotes environmental conscience within the industry that depleted natural sources to make its products.