Autobiographies to Catch Your Interest

Autobiographies are written from the people for the people – It’s the ultimate testimonial of someone’s life. These are some of the most interesting autobiographies today.

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

This book is an autobiography that carries a lot about the incredible leader. It starts with his early childhood, when he got to know the difficulties of his people. Then he became a freedom fighter and lastly he became the leader. Mandela’s long walk to freedom has every step of his way. It has astounded readers all around the world ever since it came out.

Winning it Back by Gary Wiltshire

Gary Wilshire was the biggest gambler in the UK. The story starts when Gary is only five years old. He started calculating his chances in betting right then and there. From that point on he went on to make more than 800,000 British pounds and then spent them all, just so he could start all over again. At some point he had to sell everything he had just to pay off everything he owed. Life was not easy and fortune did come and go. This autobiography is a nail biting read. It came out in 2011. Today, Gary works for BBC.

The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi

This wonderful book represents everything Gandhi stands for. Whenever you hear someone quote Gandhi, it would most likely come right from this book. He is the leader with large moral values. All details of his life are in this autobiography.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

This one you might’ve already read, but it should be on this list. This autobiography is like no other. It’s a diary of a thirteen year old girl going through a very tough time during World War 2 as a jew. Anne died at the age of 15. She inspired many plays and movies. Her diary was translated in more than sixty languages around the world.

Chronicles, Vol 1 by Bob Dylan

He is a singer, an artist and a legend. Bob Dylan was also just a human trying to survive and succeed in New York during 1961. This autobiography is about his life and the recording of his first album, along with a few other ones. The book consists of three chapters in total and with every chapter Bob’s life unfolds and the man behind his music gets uncovered.

Agatha Christie: An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

This autobiography contains everything from Agatha’s personal life all the way to her works. Her happy childhood and both husbands. The first husband committed adultery and the marriage of her second husband soon followed.

On Writing by Stephen King

Stephen King is a writer known for his horror and mystery novels. He started his career by writing his first novel: Carrie. He also directed a couple of movies but he then went back to writing- the craft he knows the best. Millions of people around the world buy new Stephen King books every year. His autobiography ‘On Writing’ is the only work where he talks about his life and his craft. He always mentioned how everything he has to say about writing is in this book.

Stephen King is staying up close and personal with the reader from the very beginning of the book until the very last pages