Books that Everyone Should Read

n the digital age, there is so much to wish for- more time, more friends, more movies, more books and everything else that is part of our daily lives. Reading a book requires more time than a blink of an eye, and today, many of them are mass produced and some even look like a cash grab operation. Let me recommend the direction you should consider when choosing your next read.

Personality Improvement Books

Many people read only certain types of books, some read novels, some science books, and some only newspapers (which are not books but still do help you gain knowledge of some sort). Personality books can be inspirational, they lead to further personal development and the discovery of what you can do. It is true that with the Google search engine and the technology you can buy a phone and talk to the internet instead to find out bits and details that you currently want to know. However, reading a longer form does improve your attention span and makes you a much faster reader and when the subject is right, it can inspire you and expose you to new thinking. Personality improvement should be on everyone’s reading list as it structures you in that way that is very beneficial for your whole life.

History Books

They say that history is the teacher of life. Mostly it shows what not to do. But it’s not all bad, there is history that is all about the progress of humanity. Certain parts of the history are more interesting than others. Remember, it depends on the field you might be interested in industrial history, information history, ancient history, national history and many more. These can be a real eye opener as to how the world works. Often these make you a very interesting person to talk to. Also, don’t forget about ancient Greek philosophy for some of the greatest philosophers of all time wrote many books during their lifetime.

Instructions and How-to Books

Not many people enjoy paying bills. Sometimes you just want to learn to do things on your own and this is where how-to and instructional books come in. From repairs around the house to gardening, to fixing your own car and replacing a roof, it’s all there. It makes it possible for you to get your hands dirty and fix things yourself, it will only cost you less. The good alternative can be quick internet videos about the same subject too.

Travel Books

These types of books nowadays come mostly as novels, they are there to accommodate the traveler in you. Exploring the world is the dream of many people around the world. Even more interesting is reading about someone visiting the place as how it used to be. Imagine listening to someone visiting New York City in 1946 or London in 1972. These can be an incredible experience that nobody can ever have again, as both those places changed by an incredible amount. Travel books are about what you can see on your desktop wallpapers.


To conclude, books are echoes of a distant memory, they truly affect the soul in a very emotional way. We connect with people who live in our novels, and places in our travel books. After all, by reading today’s books, you get to find out what will be in the cinemas ten years from now, sometimes sooner.