The Most Profitable and Popular Book Genres

There is a huge amount of people who love starburst free spins no deposit, but even more those who are into Fantasy and Science Fiction – it’s a very easy way to get sucked into a new world and explore new lands. With new books coming out every year, the genre only grows bigger in popularity. More people want to read about new universes in the mind. You would think it has to be the most popular genre, right? Well, that would be incorrect apparently.

Romance is Biggest in Popularity

Of course we can all understand this situation, most likely everyone has fallen in love at some point in their lives.  Coming in at number 1, romance pulls in around over 1 billion US dollars. Maybe reading stories brings back good memories or can even help to understand real life situations in the past, present and/or future regarding themselves. However, romance is not just one genre altogether. It can be fused into many other genres as well.

Take Fantasy and Science Fiction for example- you can read of a romance or many more in that world. In this case, it makes quite a bit of sense because it’s a refreshing break from the swords and sorcery but it also doesn’t completely end. Romance is huge because of how well it fits in with everything. Many people love a good romance between two unsuspecting characters who fall in love- and it’s cute. What makes it even more exciting is that it’s mostly about two characters who are not “supposed” to be together and yet they battle odds and make it work. When you find the most unusual pair and add a heart tugging story line with it, it’s a seller.

Crime Scene Investigation and Mystery

This section of books can’t be too much of a surprise because it’s no secret that mysteries are loved by all. Being number 2 on the list, the amount of money it reels in is almost 730 million US dollars. With mystery books, that feeling when you are getting hints into a huge ending but then can also turn out to be something completely different never fails to amaze the population of the world. The twists and turns of a mystery book can never get old, it’s always very fun to keep reading and see things changing in many different directions you never thought possible.

Books based on Religion and Inspiration

With around 720 million US dollars, it’s well paid for. Everyone needs that extra encouragement and self help. These are books to help make you feel better about yourself. It’s always important to be happy and stay motivated in your everyday life. If you are believing in greater things and keep thinking positive, your life will get better as each day goes by.