4 Reasons Why Storygraph is Better than Goodreads

There are always things that are better in life. In a given situation, one thing is better than another. A sedan is much more stable on the road than an SUV, but the other has clearance and can go off-road. Just like punters turning to online betting due to practicality seems better than regular sportsbooks, using promo codes like this Sportingbet Promo Code is even better.

Applications come and go and even when they stay, they tend to not be updated enough, there being no real competition. When competition arrives, things start to change, once the clients and money start going the other way.

Goodreads used to dominate the book review market, that is until Storygraph arrived. Storygraph is a better alternative to Goodreads and here are the reasons why.

Novelty Helps

When an application or site is there long enough, people tend to get used to things, which is not a good thing, most of the time. Laziness can only take us so far. When there is competition, everybody strives to innovate, particularly in a capitalist market and consumer society.

Look at smartphones. So many companies are competing for the top spot and who will get to sell the most smartphones.

When Storygraph was released, many customers were happy to switch to a new platform, because it brought what was lacking on the previous one, innovation, a desire to actually change something, and listening to the consumers.

The Interface

When you release a new application, it is definitely going to be attractive, but not simply by being new. Novelty is fine when you are impulse buying and it is usually entertaining for a couple of days, or even less, depending on the person and how frequently they impulse purchase.

Storygraph has a sleek and modern interface that appeals to every user except those who are far too lazy to try something new. There are many new features in Storygraph, but the interface is the first thing that a new user will notice, especially coming off Goodreads which hasn’t changed in a long time. Outdatedness might be fine in some context, but not in this one. 

The Graphs

An interface is great, but it doesn’t do much if it is just there to look pretty. This one serves the purpose of helping us navigate an otherwise clunky system. Goodreads in anything but modern in this regard.

Recommendations are important and Storygraphs uses graphs as the name might suggest. It is a system that is color-coded, helping us locate the next book based on emotion, genre, or other criteria which are relevant to us. The recommendations only get better with more usage and reading. 

The More You Read, The Better the Recommendations

Behind all of it is an AI, of course. AI technology is not novel in the recommendation department, just look at any social media site. However, recommendations work best if you give AI information about what you like. 

Given the millions of books available out there, finding the right one for you should be as simple as giving you a choice of hundreds of books that match the ones you already read. It might be the emotion, the style, the genre, the writer. Many things affect the choice, but the results are what matter.


Storygraph is one step ahead of Goodreads and it is Amazon-free, which is what many people are drawn to, not to mention an application that actually tries to be better.