Best Sports Book Writers

There is much more to sports than just playing them. Different industries are influenced by sports culture – sports has its impact on the music industry, in gaming, in fashion, food regimes and anything else you can imagine. Even the promo for Resorts Casino includes a sports betting bonus code. So it comes as no surprise that there will be some famous writers that have found their niche in writing sports books.

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo wrote the book called ‘I Think, Therefore I Play’. He has been a football player who started out playing in Italy and finished his career while playing for the New York City football club. His book is a great insight into the way he thinks. This sportsbook goes through his game ethics and how he wants to spread happiness by giving the ball to the team mate and help him score.
Pirlo also portrays the dark side of football, the corruption of Italian football, violence of people coming to see the games live and everything else that goes with it. At times this book can be funny but it does keep an eye on the reality.  For these reasons you should really pick up this book and take it with you on a long plane ride or a vacation. It contains many small stories about the details Pirlo noticed throughout his career.

David Peace

Peace wrote the book called ‘Damned Utd’ among other books. He’s an English writer with a few successful novels. His Damned Utd was adapted into film called The Damned United which was publicly shown in 2009 for the first time. The novel is about Tom Clough, a person who takes over the football team from the old rival. However,  not all players want to join his quest because some are still loyal to the previous manager. Well, Clough tries to motivate them and make them fight stronger than ever. The novel saw the light of day during August of 2006. It sold steadily, no skyrocketing here, but today it still stands as a testimony that human will does have its limits and can be manipulated.
Michael Sheen starred in the movie adaptation. We highly recommend watching the movie. Critics did like the movie, and so would you.

Nick Hornby

No sports writer list would be complete without Nick Hornby. He wrote the famous ‘Fever Pitch’ which was published In 1992. It is still in print 20+ years later and it still carries the same weight in literature and sports. Partly, it’s a comedy, and partly it’s an autobiography. It is also incredibly fast to read and flip through. Nick claims he is a person who takes things too seriously, and this book clearly shows that he took both this book and football extremely seriously. Nick was obsessed with football, especially with the football club called Arsenal. He defines and redefines the levels of fandom he expresses throughout the book.
This book should be on the to- read list of all people who respect sport and especially football with the respect of dedication. I noticed that some people read this book every year or whenever there are no games to watch. Some people simply wait for the spring and new season while enjoying this book. Today, Nick Hornby is a celebrity fan of Arsenal. He still thinks about when the next Arsenal’s game will be.