Great Digital Reading Options

With the digital age of humanity becoming ever more digital since you can both use US casino bonus codes or read books on online platforms with relaxing ease. This means less things to worry about while you are reading- including water that may harm your paper paged book or break your digital tablet.

Kobo Aura One

This particular ebook is fortunately waterproof. Meaning- go ahead and read it while you’re relaxing in the bathtub or sitting near a fountain that wind may pick up. It has also been reported that the screen is big, so there shouldn’t be any problems with reading small lettering. This is also a great deal for those who use many formats on their tablet or like to use the library quite a bit.

It supports many things and is very convenient in that way. Considering how great it is, the cost of 230 US dollars is quite inexpensive taking in regard the great qualities that comes with it. As it’s a touchscreen, it is also more fun to use as people seem to enjoy those more than others. And if you’re worried about maybe the font being a little too pixelated with tiny cubes being visible, you don’t have to fret because the resolution is as clear as can be.

In my own opinion, reading at night right before bed is a great time to catch up on the story. And this is all possible, especially with the Kobo Aura One because the background light is not extra bright. It has a perfect certain setting that is made just for the dark. No more hurting eyes. Instead of that bright blue you would expect, it emits a yellow light so as to not irritate your eyes further when on night mode.

If you thought all of this was great, knowing that the battery life on this beauty can last for a month is another great reason to get excited over. You have the whole space of your tablet to fill with thousands of great story books- it is guaranteed you will never get bored.

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis from 2017

For 250 or more US dollars, you can acquire the Oasis to be at your side. Out of all of the Kindles, this one so far has them all beat to the top. It had upgraded compared to the older ones. What people really love about it is the display which is quite large- 7 inches. For about 6 weeks, you can also get used to not having to charge it. The battery will last for about that long from 1 charge if you use it mildly throughout the days and not with extensive hours put into it. And what is better than to have a screen immediately adjust itself to the surrounding light so that you don’t have to? I am constantly bugged by how many times throughout the day I have to change the brightness on the TV, I can’t imagine how frustrating it can be for those who don’t have the Oasis.

Another relieving bit of information to accompany these great traits are that it’s waterproof too. Just the amount of anxiety alone worrying about if it will get broken if water spills on it accidentally is enough for some people to not even get it out and use it. For something you care so much about, it’s a good idea to get a heavily protected tablet.