Books Recommended by Famous Athletes

Everybody likes to learn something new, whether from time to time or regularly. Some people are avid learners and they strive to learn as they are going through their day, whilst doing other things. While some people like to use เบท365 รหัสโบนัส in their free time, other people like to listen to audiobooks, or read a book on their kindle, for example. 

Professional athletes tend to know more about sports than the regular person. They also read books and give out recommendations. If you want some great book recommendations by professional athletes, here are a couple to start with.

Range – David Epstein

This is a wonderful book that shows us why specialization is a bad thing and can hinder our progress as a human. Diversification in knowledge and a general interest to learn new things and get out of our comfort zone is a very good thing. From athletes to programmers, knowing and doing only a single thing severely limits our brains and our overall performance. Kobe Bryant, the late and great basketball player cites this as one of his favorite books. He wanted all-around athletes who are able to think critically and not just do repetitions and perform on the court.

This book is a great read for anybody and not just athletes.

The Red-Headed League – Arthur Conan Doyle

Basketball players love interesting books and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a great basketball player. This book is a classic Sherlock Holmes novel. It is what you go to when you want a thrilling and interesting story, but not something that will boggle you and entangle you in deep thoughts, so deep that you might end up without the energy to do other things.

As with many Sherlock books, there are plenty of narratives and mysteries to solve and you try to solve them as the story develops. In the end, when you get the revelations, you start thinking that the things were obvious, but maybe to a master detective or in hindsight.

Felix Ever After – Kacen Callender

Megan Rapinoe is one of the most famous US soccer/football players.

She is the first prominent woman football player to come out of the US. She has already won a gold medal at the Olympics and two Women’s World Cups, which are astonishing feats.

This book is one of her favorites, a closer look at young adults, who are often not in the center of attention. Their struggles are pretty difficult to deal with and learning to love oneself at an early age is what most people fail to do.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

This book is a great read, and essential for everybody in and outside the United States, to understand how bad and prevalent the problem of racism is and why everything regarding racism is a really hot topic in the US.

This is another of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s favorites, although it is also a favorite of many other famous people, Neil Patrick Harris among others. 


Consider these books if you want to read something new, whether fiction or simply works of art, that will make you think and help you relax. Athletes have their recommendations and these books are among the many you should read.