What You Should Write a Book About

There is a writer in each and every one of us. Some have a knack for it, others need more practice. The thing to consider, though, is what kind of writing is best suited for you. Have you ever wanted to write and publish a book? Have you ever been stuck with the seemingly simple concept of coming up with an idea? Well, here are a few to get you started. Let’s talk about book ideas that are hot right now.

Games of Chance

Gambling has been around since forever, and it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Books have been written about online sports betting, best poker strategies, podcasts, lotteries, and the like. If you are a bettor, or a gamer, maybe you should write about your experiences of online poker play, or explaining the detailed history of casino games.


From 2016 onward, it has been one crazy roller-coaster ride in the United States (and, in turn, the world). This is a good time to write a book about economy, medical care, US foreign policy, or the president. Let’s face it, the man is a gold mine of material.

In case you remember Bush, then you remember how popular the books about his attitude and quotes actually were. This is similar, but on a bigger scale. You can write your own political analysis of the future. Will there be wars? If so, where and with whom?


Online and offline, consoles or PC, gaming means nostalgia for every generation from the 80s to present. The industry has expanded tremendously, and there are now topics and topics to cover within this industry. Would you believe that there is a book called “21 Days to Diamond and Beyond: The Ultimate League of Legends Guide to Climbing Ranked in Season 7” by Stewart Petr?

So, this is a book about getting worldwide recognition. To an achievement. In a MOBA game season. This example is there to show you that there is no depleting this area. You could write about anything in the gaming world, as long as you do proper research.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

Yes, it’s been done. However, it is still being done. There is no need to try to come up with a world and then explain in minute detail the economy, and how it works. You can invent a new language, but there is no need to do it from scratch. Leave something to the imagination. Also, your book doesn’t need seven sequels (unless, of course, you believe it does, in which case we apologize).

It is difficult to come up with something new, but you should definitely keep trying. Avoid the clichés, unless you feel there is no other way for your story to progress. Start with short stories, to get a feel for it. In fact, why not make your book a collection of stories? It worked for Isaac Asimov and Andrzej Sapkowski, and geeks around the world love their work.