About Us

Marjorie Coughlan

PaperTigers Editor Marjorie Coughlan loves the contrast between looking out her study window in Kirkbymoorside, rural North Yorkshire, UK, and the window on the world that her work with PaperTigers provides. After graduating in languages, she lived and worked in Rome, Italy, for 11 years. She is a qualified teacher and has recently completed a doctorate in Art History. Marjorie has two sons, Older Brother (14) and Little Brother (12), who occasionally make appearances on the PaperTigers blog.

Contact: marjorie(at)papertigers(dot)org

Corinne Robson

Corinne Robson, PaperTigers.org Associate Editor and Blog “Eventful World” coordinator, was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She obtained her B.Ed. degree from the University of British Columbia and lives with her husband and two children in Belcarra, BC. Corinne has always loved geography, travel, books and reading, and has spent many hours reading to her children as well as volunteering in their classrooms and school library. While living with her family in Mexico (2001-2003) she developed a real love for Mexican culture, history and the Spanish language.

Contact: corinne(at)papertigers(dot)org

Keilin Huang

PaperTigers book reviewer Keilin Huang is currently living in San Francisco after spending a year abroad in Europe, where she studied Journalism & Communications at a university in Sweden and then Bulgaria. She currently interns for a publishing company located in Berkeley. In her free time, she enjoys wandering around the beautiful city of San Francisco, updating her blog, needle felting, and relaxing with a good read. One of her goals is to eventually go to all 50 states in America, but for now, she’s content to soak in all that San Francisco has to offer!

Sara Hudson

PaperTigers book reviewer Sara Hudson is a writer and student, a former bookseller, an avid collector, and always a reader of children’s literature. A Texan, she’s spent the last few years wearing out her cowboy boots having adventures in children’s literature collections around the world, from Minnesota to Hawai’i to Munich. She now lives, works, and writes in the city she loves, New Orleans, where she is the mama to none, despite overwhelming indications otherwise her bookshelves might suggest.

Charlotte Richardson

PaperTigers book reviewer Charlotte Richardson is an arts writer, freelance editor, and former PaperTigers blogger who lived in Japan for eleven years. An incurable nomad, she is currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Abigail Sawyer

PaperTigers book Reviewer Abigail Sawyer lives in San Francisco, California where she writes about children’s literature, education, language acquisition, and many other topics. She grew up near the Navajo reservation in northwest New Mexico where the cultures of Latinos, several Native American tribes and Americans of European descent coexist. She speaks French and Spanish, has traveled in Europe and South America, and lived in Montreal, Canada in the early 1990s. Her two sons, ages 7 and 5, are learning Mandarin Chinese in their public elementary school. In addition to her work at Paper Tigers, she is the blog editor for the website of the film Speaking in Tongues.

Aline Pereira

PaperTigers.org Managing Editor and Producer from 2004 – 2010, Aline Pereira grew up in Brazil and in 1996 moved to San Francisco, USA, where she and her husband are raising their young daughter. She loves children’s books about places far and near, and is known to stay up late reading them long after her daughter is sound asleep.

Sally Ito

Writer, reviewer, teacher and editor, Sally Ito was a PaperTigers blog and website contributor from 2008-2012.  Her most recent book is the poetery collection Alert to Glory (Turnstone Press, 2011).  Sally, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada, is a mother of two children and enjoys finding good books for them to read and to read with them.

Janet Brown

PaperTigers Blog contributor from January 2008 until April 2009, Janet Brown, is a writer, former children’s bookseller, and mother of two adult children. She grew up in Alaska, spent time in the Pacific Northwest while working at the Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle and now lives in Bangkok, where she works for ThingsAsian Press.