Why you should market yourself as a writer

If you’ve ever looked up stats on writer salaries, you probably weren’t surprised. Writers don’t make a lot of money (shocker). But it’s not just about salary: Marketing yourself as a writer is an essential part of being successful in the field. Luckily for us, since we have internet access that allows us to find any information we need, play best online casino games, and find work, we can do our own marketing over the internet as well!

Find the audience for your writing

You need to find your audience. The first step is identifying who would be interested in your work. You can’t just write for anyone, because you actually need to know the market for which you’re writing. For example, if you think all people love reading fiction books about vampires, then write some vampire stories and see what happens!

But that’s not really how it works. Instead of shoving anything into a market and hoping for the best, consider this: What do people want from me? What do they like? How can I make the most of their preferences?

You’ll probably find an answer by looking at what other writers are doing right now—and maybe even specifically at how they present themselves as writers. If there are already plenty of vampire novels out there but none with a female lead (or whatever else), then maybe that could be part of your niche as well—or at least something worth considering when deciding whether or not to include certain elements in your book/s.

Research the kinds of companies that will have work for you

The next step is to decide what kind of company you want to write for. There are many different types of companies that hire writers: newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. You can even find work in areas like advertising or marketing if that’s what you’re looking for. Once you have a clear idea of where your passion lies (or if it’s all over the place), it’s time to do some research about the kinds of companies out there and how much work is available for writers at those places.

Make a list of the top companies you want to work for

Research the companies and find out what they need. Are there specific skills and experience that would be beneficial? Do you have those? If not, could you get them by taking classes or interning at a different company?

Treat marketing yourself as a business. Take it seriously, and work hard at it every day

As a writer, you’re in charge of your own marketing. You don’t have to wait for the big dogs to come around and tell you what they think you should be doing. You are free to pick and choose which platforms, groups, and communities are best for your brand—and then use them to build relationships with your audience.

But here’s the thing: Marketing yourself as a writer is not a hobby. It’s not something that you can do on weekends or evenings when there’s nothing else planned. Your business will only grow if it’s treated like one!