Everything You Need to Know About Kindle

Learning about something prior to buying or investing your money into it is the best way to make sure that you are not burned, in the short and long run. A rookie punter would not know how to use promo codes, while an experienced gambler would make fun use of them, such as this Lucky Pants Bingo Promo Code.

Likewise, an experienced book reader would most likely not buy an entire warehouse if all they want is to read and not collect books. They would buy an e-reader such as the Amazon Kindle. It is a great device that changed the way we read and the way we store books.

Here is everything that you should know about the Kindle.

What is the Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is an e-reader, a device that uses a specialized screen that is made out of branded technology that is called E Ink. These types of screens appear to be ink on paper but are actually electronic screens. There are various types of e ink displays, and the latest are of course, in color. 

Amazon launched the Kindle in 2007, as a rudimentary device that served as an e-reader. Over the years, the models were updated to feature more features, from Wi-Fi which was a premium feature once, to nowadays touchscreens and front-lit LED displays. 

What Types of Kindles are There?

Kindles come under different names, the most popular ones being the regular one, the touchscreen Paperwhite, which also has LED front-lighting, as well as the Oasis, which is a different take on the device. The most popular ones as well as the ones that get refreshed the most are the Paperwhite and regular Kindle. 

Over the years, Kindles became better, up to the point where you could store thousands of books on the device, and they would be as responsive as one would want an e-reader to be.

DRM Restrictions

A Kindle locks the non-tech savvy user into buying books from Amazon, only. Most people see a problem with this, and nowadays there are plenty of ways to unlock a Kindle device and make it DRM-free. This voids the warranty, of course, but also enables the user to buy books from other services or even copy books from their own device. There are many books in the public domain, and not having them thanks to DRM would be pretty annoying. Thankfully, there are ways to remove DRM, which has been simplified so that users will have minimal input.

The Batteries Last a While

My modern phone standard, a 1700 mAh battery seems like the smallest battery ever. One should note that the e ink screens are not power-hungry. In fact, they are extremely low-powered. This, in turn, means the battery life of a Kindle device, especially a Paperwhite. Battery life on new Paperwhites can go up to 10 weeks. With increased Wi-Fi and front light usage, this would be a lower number, of course.

It is More than a Reader

One can use the Kindle to make notes and basically use it as a notebook. This is a handy feature, particularly if there is a need to highlight parts in a book or to take notes. Instead of ruining an actual book, digital content in books can always be removed with a click of a button.


This is everything you should know about the Kindle.