The Brat and the Bean’s Bookshelf: Gurgaon, India

Bookshelf #19:
The Brat and the Bean
6 years old and 4 years old
Gurgaon, India

I am a blogger from India and felt like sharing my children’s bookshelves with you. They love reading and I love reading to them. I’ve been gifted a lovely globe by a friend and it is always handy to point out spots when we’re reading a story about a particular country. I am very particular about tidying up their book racks once a fortnight or so and my husband finds it hilarious that I “waste” a perfectly good Sunday morning doing this. Ironically, he’s begun to devote his Sunday morning to helping me out and enjoys it when the kids discover a long-forgotten book at the bottom of the heap. At which point the three of them take themselves off to the bed to read. I don’t mind continuing to tidy up by myself. It’s worth it to just listen to the three of them murmuring and turning pages.

My children are referred to as the Brat and the Bean on my blog and I’d prefer to keep it that way. My son, known as The Brat is 6 and far from a brat – a gentle, animal-loving, peace-loving child. The excitable Bean is my 4-year-old daughter, who believes that you don’t enter a room so much as make an entrance. We live in Gurgaon (India), part of the NCR or the National Capital Region, that includes National Capital territory of Delhi and its adjoining urban areas.

Submitted by: The Mad Momma. (The Mad Momma is also a contributor to Saffron Tree, a potpourri of book reviews and literary resources for children for a lifelong love of reading.)

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9 Responses to “The Brat and the Bean’s Bookshelf: Gurgaon, India”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    Those Sunday mornings sound perfect :-) Tidying books is about the only tidying I enjoy!

  2. Book Chook Says:

    I just popped in to echo Marjorie’s words! And how wonderful to hear of a dad so involved in kids’ reading.

  3. choxbox Says:

    Lovely – full of sunshine and colour, looks inviting and full of joy!

  4. The Mad Momma Says:

    Thank you all. And yes, I must admit the OA is a very involved father. And yes, he’d rather spend time reading to them than tidying. But the tidying always reveals some gem at the bottom of the pile that they launch themselves on. Win-win :)

  5. prabaram Says:

    The bookshelf is so bright and cheery and sparkling, just like the Brat and the Bean!

  6. Edi Says:

    What a nice way to learn about the world around me! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. dipali Says:

    This reminds me so much of my kids’ bookshelves when they were young. I still cart around a trunk full of children’s books, including some of my own, for (the not yet forthcoming) posterity!

  8. Vibha sharma Says:

    love the Sunday routine and the beautiful bookshelves.