Grace Lin’s “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” has been adapted for the theatre!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Exciting news from Grace Lin regarding her Newbery Honor Book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon at Wheelock Family Theater

Tickets on sale now!

As I mentioned last month, Wheelock Family Theater will be presenting Where the Mountain Meets the MoonWhere the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin in the spring! It will be the New England premiere! The schedule has been set and you can now buy tickets. If you are a teacher, consider bringing your students for a field trip! They even have special 10am school matinees!


April 11 – May 11, 2014

Wheelock Family Theatre
200 The Riverway, Boston, MA, USA

Friday nights at 7:30; Saturday & Sunday matinees at 3:00
School vacation week matinees (Tue 4/22 – Fri 4/25) at 1:00
10am school matinees Wed 4/16, Thu 5/1, Tue 5/6, and Thu 5/8

Performances will be interpreted in American Sign Language on Thu 5/8 at 10am, Fri 5/9 at 7:30, & Sun 5/11 at 3:00.

Performances will be audio-described for folks with visual impairments on Thu 5/8 at 10am, Fri 5/9 at 7:30, & Sun 5/11 at 3:00.

A “Relaxed” performance for people with sensory sensitivities will be on Saturday May 3 at 10am

Tickets are $35 – $20 based on seating. Groups of 15 or more can take $5 off the regular ticket prices. Tickets can be purchased online at or over the telephone: 617-879-2300 (Tue – Fri; 10am to 6pm)

For additional information or for specific seating needs, please contact Charles Baldwin at 617-879-2300 or cbaldwin(at)wheelock(dot)edu.

NB: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was one of the books we selected to be included in our 2010 Spirit of PaperTigers Book Set.  Read our review of the book here and our interview with Grace here. We also have two galleries of Grace’s ilustration work here and here.

Since 2010 PaperTigers has sent carefully chosen books to particular schools and libraries in various parts of the world. The books chosen seek to provide “multicultural” or “trans-cultural” stories that promote awareness of, knowledge about, and positive acceptance of “the other” in ways children can learn and enjoy. We are convinced of the crucial role of literacy and reading in an education that fosters understanding and empathy. To learn more about our Outreach program click here and to read our announcement of the 2012 book set click here.

Highlighting Feedback from WaterBridge Outreach Participant Butterfly School in Cambodia

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

waterbridgeOutreachSealFinalNew on our WaterBridge Outreach site (formerly known as Spirit of PaperTigers Outreach) feedback from Butterfly School in Popeae, near Udong, Cambodia. Butterfly School is a free English school in the village of Popeae, near Udong, Cambodia, set up by Canadian Heather Willson, of Kamakura, Japan. Free English classes are offered to the students who keep up with their schoolwork at the local Cambodian school. If you are interested in more information about the school please contact author Holly Thompson here.

Butterfly School has participated in our Outreach program for the past two years and and recently sent us their feedback  on the  2011  Book Set. All the feedback from Butterfly School can be read by clicking here  but here is a little preview:

First, the books are lovely, great illustrations, and moving but simple stories. The texts are short enough for butterfly schoolthe students to understand the narrative easily and the illustrations provided lots of visual information to enhance the stories. Having five copies of the same book made it very easy to use them in the classroom.

I only had time to work with one book, so I chose Rain School, as it seemed the easiest one to begin with. I just read the story first, having the students look at the illustrations and my actions. Next, we read the text together, repeating after me either individually or as a group. The next day, we tried the yes/no questions and the multiple choice questions. In the advanced classes, we also used the open ended questions. Students had fun asking various other students in the room, and seemed to enjoy being able to get the right answer. On the fourth day, we butterflyschool2used the sentence ordering exercise, which was a first for them. However, they caught on quickly, and really enjoyed the challenge.

The students were fascinated by the idea of building a new school every year, although most of them were glad they didn’t have to. They felt an affinity with the students in the book because their school reminded them of ours in Cambodia; the fact that it is a one-room school and rather crude and simple. They all said they liked the story very much.

Highlighting Feedback from WaterBridge Outreach Participants Redwood Shores Elementary School (USA)

Friday, April 12th, 2013

waterbridgeOutreachSealFinalNew on our WaterBridge Outreach site (formerly known as Spirit of PaperTigers Outreach) feedback from Redwood Shores Elementary School in Redwood City, CA, USA. Grade 3  teacher Ms. Jennifer Lo and her students have participated in our Outreach program for the past two years and and recently sent us their feedback  on the  2012 Spirit of PaperTigers Book Set. All the feedback from Redwood Shores School can be read by clicking here. To give you a little preview Ms. Lo wrote in part:

My students used this year’s books along with last year’s books that you sent to participate in their first round of literature circles. Before their literature circle meeting, students read the books to themselves and completed a few comprehension tasks that they would bring to their literature circle meetings to share with their group members. After their meetings, students wrote reviews about the books which can be viewed on our class blog.

These books are an invaluable resource to my class as I was able to teach the kids how to have meaningful conversations with others about what they read and learn about other cultures and places.

Here’s a video of short clips I was able to record during the literature circle meetings.

paw_sm3 PaperTigers is an international program sponsored by PaperTigers: Books+Water, a California 501(c) (3) organization that relies on public and private support. Please help PaperTigers build a sustainable future by making a tax deductible contribution in direct support of its programs. Your gift will make a difference, and we thank you for your generous support! For donation information click here.

Feedback of Ms. Vin Del Rosario, School Librarian, Laguna BelAir School, City of Santa Rosa, Philippines on PaperTigers: Books+Water Book Sets

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Concluding our focus on Laguna BelAir School and their involvement in our WaterBridge Outreach program we present the feedback of the school  librarian Ms. Vin Del Rosario.

The books donated by the PaperTigers: Books+Water presented a very suitable opportunity for me to propose a reading program for the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

I am a School Librarian who oversees the operations of the Library and Learning Resource Center of Laguna BelAir School, a K-12 private educational institution located in the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna,Philippines.

This reading program was spearheaded by the LRC in partnership with the Class Advisers and Reading Teachers of students in Grades 2 to 6. One of the aims of this reading program was for students to encourage one another to read the Spirit of PaperTigers (SPT) books in the library to reach the class reading goal. The reading goal was determined by the number of students in the class, the assigned 3 SPT titles and percentage of expected participating students. To reach the class reading goal faster, more students must participate in the reading program.

This SPT Reading Program gave me more chances to reach out to the clients of the library. While the reading program was up and running, the students would wait for me every morning during their Class Routine time for the distribution of the Mini Book Certificates. These small pieces of paper certified that the student earned points for his/her class by submitting correct answers using the Book Completion Form (BCF). (more…)

Feedback of Mr. Romel Obinario, Academic Team Head and Institutional Values Formation Program Head Laguna BelAir School on PaperTigers: Books+Water Book Sets

Thursday, January 31st, 2013
Continuing our focus on WaterBridge Outreach participants Laguna BelAir School, today we feature the inspiring feedback of Mr. Romel Obinario, Academic Team Head and Institutional Values Formation Program Head.

At the heart of every PaperTigers book is a message for all of humanity. The message each book conveys is relevant, timeless, and transcends the boundaries set by current economic, political, or cultural constructs that continue to impinge on the way peoples of the world interact today.

We at Laguna BelAir School have realized the affinity between our core values and those of the PaperTigers (PT) organization, as conveyed in the PT books that the organization has sent us. By sharing the PT books with our students, we are also imparting our core values in a way that is not awkward and forced. Through the books, they may realize that the things we say we value are not simply words to be memorized but are ideals that other people cherish and live out. Through their constant exposure to these wonderful books, and their continuous experiences in the school’s different advocacies, they may truly become what we wish them to be – stewards for a better world.

Thank you, Paper Tigers, for involving us in your outreach program. We share in Wangari Maathai’s (Planting the Trees of Kenya) advocacy of caring for the environment by planting trees and in her belief in women and in communities working together to bring about much-needed reforms. We are inspired by Kojo’s (One Hen) example of thrift and of making a difference one small step at a time. The way we view people with cultures or beliefs other than ours is challenged by the way friendship is forged between Abaani and Haki (First Come the Zebra), thereby promoting peaceful coexistence. And we are truly inspired by the boy (A Child’s Garden: A Story of Hope) who despite all adversity finds hope for a better future in a war-ravaged land.

Continuing our focus on Laguna BelAir School and their involvement in our WaterBridge Outreach Program.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Today we continue our focus on Laguna BelAir School, located in Santa Rosa City, Philippines, and their involvement in our WaterBridge Outreach Project. The first post in the series can be read here.

Working with Ms. Vin Del Rosario, Laguna BelAir’s head librarian, PaperTigers sent 2010 and 2011 book sets to the school. These book sets were used by Ms. Del Rosario in implementing an inspiring  reading program for her students in grades 2 to 6. More information about the reading program can be found here and a video of the program can be watched here.

Feedback on the book sets is a crucial part of our project as we want to share the responses of  teachers and librarians, children and parents, to the book sets with others around the world. Feedback can be  like ripples in a pond, spreading out across the globe, and one never knows what hearts and minds might be moved, and lives touched, by the book sets. Ms. Del Rosario went above and beyond in providing us with feedback from the students and teachers at her school and as our Feedback Coordinator Dr. Barbara Bundy recently stated “We are awed and also very grateful to all of you at Laguna BelAir School for treasuring these books and using them to engage your pupils and to promote both reading and cultural literacy on the one hand, and the values of your own school on the other hand.”

Following is some of the wonderful feedback we received from Laguna BelAir students. Click here to read all the feedback submitted.


Please read the book because it is full of lessons about life. I’ve learned that one way to help solve poverty in the country is by sharing your knowledge to less fortunate ones, like what Luis did in the story.

Luis and I are both book lovers. We like to read books to other people. We are inspired with the stories we read.

Rain School

The part that I liked the most was when the students are building their school. I was amazed how the children who are so young would volunteer and help to build their school.

I recommend this book because I know that the readers would love it and enjoy it. They will be happy to know the culture of Africa.

A Child’s Garden

I recommend this book because it is a story of hope and undying love for the environment. It is also a nice story because even though the soldiers destroyed the plant, the boy did not lose hope. That is a good example for children like us.

Planting the Trees of Kenya

The similarity between my way of life and Wangari’s is that we both aim to help people in the best way we can. I admire Wangari because she helped others to rise from poverty by giving the people seedlings, teaching them how to plant, and telling people how to plant more instead of cutting and removing trees.

The Storyteller’s Candle

My favorite character is Pura Belpre because she is a talented storyteller. She has the ability to motivate and inspire others to read books.

First Comes The Zebra

My favorite part of the story is when the sun rising over the grassland in Kenya.

Click here to read all the feedback submitted.

Highlighting Feedback from 2011 WaterBridge Outreach Participant: Dharma Chakkra Child Foundation Library, Sri Lanka

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Our WaterBridge Outreach: Books + Water Nourishing the Mind and Body program (formerly known as Spirit of PaperTigers Outreach)  seeks to further the overall goals of the PaperTigers Program: bridging cultures and opening minds, promoting greater understanding and empathy among young people from different backgrounds, countries, and ethnicities. More specifically, WBOutreach works to advance education through books and reading, and development through clean and accessible water.

Today on the blog we are highlighting feedback from WBOutreach participant Dharma Chakkra Child Foundation Library located in the Dharma Chakkra Children’s Home in Weedagama, Sri Lanka. Established in 1998, the home provides housing and education for approximately 100 orphaned boys as well as for boys from unstable homes. In 2008 a second children’s home was opened exclusively for girls. Nia Murphy was instrumental in getting a 2011 Book Set to the Dharma Chakkra Child Foundation Library and  for providing us with this feedback:

The books were put in the children’s shared library. Dharma Chakkra has two hostels, one for the girls and then another, about 200 metres away and behind a wall, for the boys. The library is in the boys’ hostel. When I was last at the home the library was open in the evenings for the boys to use freely. Since then they’ve decided to shut it except at weekends when they have library time and English classes. I was told the books were used by the English teacher during these classes. However it was felt the books were a bit difficult for some of the children at the home, many of whom are still struggling with Sinhala, the local language. This is mostly true of the boys but the girls, who unfortunately have less access to the library, are at a higher standard. In hindsight I think a donation only for the girls’ hostel might have been a good idea. This was my mistake.

The overriding feedback was actually about the visuals: that the books showed children things they don’t normally see in ‘normal’ (read affordable) English or Sinhala books. Many of the books they have in the library are very old and extremely out of date. The affordable English books on the market in Sri Lanka are often things like The Radiant Way, which is a very dated old English sort of publication with smiling white children in high socks. Very simply, seeing children in picture books with brown skin is a rarity. So they were particularly excited about this, and the fact the children were seeing worlds not too dissimilar to their own but ones not normally presented in children’s books.

Click here to read the rest of Nia’s report.

PaperTigers’ 10th Anniversary Giveaway ~ Winners Announced!!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

With a loud roar we are pleased to announce the following winners in our PaperTigers’ 10th Anniversary Giveaway:

1st Prize: ALL the books from the 2012 Book Set AND the 2011 Book Set AND the 2010 Book Set PLUS the PaperTigers 10th Anniversary Poster AND some bookmarks. 1 Winner- DORIS KEMP

2nd Prize: ALL the books from the 2012 Book Set AND the 2011 Book Set PLUS the PaperTigers 10th Anniversary Poster AND some bookmarks. 2 Winners – MITALI PERKINS and JOANNA MARPLE

3rd Prize: ALL the books from the 2012 Book Set PLUS the PaperTigers 10th Anniversary Poster AND some bookmarks. 3 Winners –  STACEY LOSCALZO, RICHNA JNA, HELEN DINNEN

4th Prize: A SURPRISE book AND the PaperTigers 10th Anniversary Poster AND some bookmarks. 4 Winners – SANDHYA, TANYA LLOYD KYI, ROBERT BLACK and SHERRY YORK.

We will be contacting the winners today to congratulate them and to confirm shipping details.

Our sincere thanks to all of you who entered the draw and to all those who participated in our 10th anniversary celebrations. From our guest bloggers with their top 10 lists,  to the lovely comments we received,  to all those who help to spread the word about PaperTigers and our mission of celebrating multicultural children’s and young adults books, and to you our readers, it’s been a wonderful 10 years and we thank you so much for being a part of it!  It’s been such a pleasure to celebrate with you all!

Highlighting 2011 Book Set Feedback from Talisay School in the Philippines!

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

It’s been a busy month here at PaperTigers with our 10th Anniversary celebrations in full swing as well as receiving lots of feedback  from  schools involved in our WaterBridge Outreach: Books + Water Nourishing the Mind and Body (formerly known as Spirit of PaperTigers Outreach). It’s always exciting to receive a package in the mail or open an email and see images of students involved with the Book Sets and to read their thoughts and comments on the books.

Today we are highlighting feedback from Talisay Elementary School. Talisay Elementary School is located in a barrio in Barangay Talisay in the Northern Mindanao Area of the Philippines. A significant number of students at this school have parents who are unemployed and the school’s mission is to provide “the best quality education to everyone who enters the gates.”  Talisay has participated in our Outreach program for the past two years and when reflecting on the 2011 Book Set, teacher Brenda Abao commented:

When my pupils saw the pictures in the books, they were so attracted with the color presentation. Some laughed at the illustrations. Most of them enjoyed best the story Biblioburro.

The books you sent me were a big help in my class especially during the “DEAR” (Drop Everything And Read) period. The students took turns reading since I had 29 pupils and there were only 15 books. They felt for the children in the countries mentioned in the stories but they couldn’t search for more about these countries since only a few of them have access to the internet.

After all of my pupils were able to read the 3 stories, I discussed each story with the whole class. One pupil commented that they were so lucky since their schools are not made of mud and that they do not need to build their school every year. That’s after we talked about the story Rain School.

To read all the feedback from Talisay School and to see more photos click here. To learn more about the 2012 Book Set, click here.

New 2011 Feedback from Mount View School in India!

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Mount View School, administered by Mr Hotoshe Sema, is a Nursery to Class 10 school located in rural Suruhuto, in Nagaland, India. This school has participated in our WaterBridge  Outreach: Books + Water project for the past two year and we recently received students’ and administrators’ reactions on the 2011 Book Set.  Here is a brief selection; click here to read all.

Selected students’ feedback:

P:  Rain School – This is the first time I have heard of students and teachers building a school and I admire they way they did it. The language is quite simple and easy to understand. The main character Thomas’s eagerness to learn and read and his aim to have a new school was very inspiring as he had many obstacles but succeeded in overcoming all these with great determination.

A: Biblioburro – Through this book I come to know that without education, even a rich man is nothing. This is a good lesson for me in life.

K: A Child’s Garden teaches us not to give up in anything, especially when it is for good.

Selected teachers’ feedback:

Mr. Mughaka:
Biblioburro – Pleasant and inspiring, with sweet, little pictures.
Rain School – Rumford’s Rain School is an encouraging story which will bring smiles to the readers and listeners. Appropriate for kids of any age.
A Child’s Garden – It is a heartening story. It reminds us that hope and determination, and even little things, can do wonders.

Mr. Abenito:
A Child’s Garden – An appreciable illustration about a never ending (undying) hope and concern for that which matures in a person’s mind and soul for a better living and freedom.
Biblioburro – An inspiring and well illustrated story that imparts the significance an individual can play through books.
Rain School – Rumford’s depictions emphasizing a teacher in inspiring and molding a child are quite amazing and interesting.