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Monday, March 4th, 2013

Head on over to our PaperTigers Book Review page where we bring together in one place the best children’s and young adults’ multicultural book reviews published in several countries.

PaperTigers reviews are written by us and have an international scope, to keep you up to date on what is being published around the world.  In addition to offering our own reviews, we also reprint reviews from the following trusted sources:

From the USA, reviews by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, a key resource for anyone interested in children’s books published in the USA;

From Canada, reviews from Resource Links, a national journal dedicated to reviewing and evaluating Canadian learning resources;

From Australia, reviews from My Book Corner, an online resource that provides book reviews on an entire assortment of children’s literature, ranging from the fun and quirky to the simply inspirational and unforgettable;

From China, reviews from the Asian Review of Books, published in Hong Kong by Paddyfield.com and Chameleon Press;

From the UK, reviews from Books for Keeps, the most authoritative children’s book magazine in the country.

We also have archived reviews from two valuable sources which are no longer being published:  Desi Journal (USA), a website dedicated to literature from and about the South Asian diaspora, and Book Trusted News (United Kingdom), the magazine of the Young Book Trust.

So look no further for kidlit book reviews. We have them all here!

Thank you to all the magazines and websites for sharing with us their great content! Publishers interested in having their books reviewed by PaperTigers, and magazines interested in having their reviews reprinted here, can email us at:

corinne@papertigers.org for more information.