Spirit of PaperTigers Book Sets Delivery To Anmore School, Canada

To reinforce our goal of promoting cross-cultural understanding through books, in February 2010 PaperTigers launched its Spirit of PaperTigers (SPT) Project. As part of this project, we have been donating a set of books which reflect the aims of PaperTigers to schools and libraries in different parts of the world, focusing mostly, though not exclusively, on places where resources are particularly lacking. The seven books that form the SPT set were chosen because, as well as being an enjoyable read and beautifully presented, their content and focus contribute to bridging cultures and opening minds, and promote greater understanding and empathy among young people from different backgrounds, countries, and ethnicities.

When I told Mrs. Chantal Dickson, Grade 3 teacher at Anmore Elementary School in Anmore, BC, Canada, about the SPT project she was very keen to take part. Although Anmore School may not be considered  “needy” in  financial terms, it is a very unique school in that the student population and surrounding neighbourhood really do not reflect British Columbia’s visibly multi-ethnic society.

Anmore Elementary School….(click on photos to enlarge)

Because of feedback we have been receiving from earlier recipients of the SPT book set, we decided to try something a little different with Mrs. Dickson and provide more than one set of the books – especially as she often breaks her class down into small literature circles of about five or six students. Each circle reads and talks about the books amongst themselves, and then the groups are brought together for class discussions. To help facilitate the use of the books in this setting, we sent Mrs. Dickson six book sets. This amounted to 42 books so I recruited my daughter, who attends Anmore, and four of her friends to help me deliver the books…

Heading up the hill to the Mrs. Dickson’s class…

5 happy helpers and 1 very excited teacher…

We look forward to hearing how Mrs. Dickson uses the books in her class and of course receiving feedback from the students.  I already know that two of Mrs. Dickson’s top reads from her summer holidays are included in the Spirit of PaperTigers Book Set:  Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Little Leap Forward! and I’m eager to hear her thoughts on the other books in the set.

Side note: One of the girls pictured above was born in Ecuador and has a very special adoption story, which is told in the children’s picture-book Samanta’s Journey of Hope by Urs and Evelyne Ribary and illustrated by well-known Swiss artist Magda Blau.  All proceeds from the book are donated to The Samanta S. Ribary Foundation, a 100% volunteer, nonprofit organization which provides assistance and support to orphans and children in need.

2 Responses to “Spirit of PaperTigers Book Sets Delivery To Anmore School, Canada”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    I really look forward to reading/seeing the children’s feedback – great to have these photos in the meantime :-)

  2. Andrea Says:

    Love that you are involving your daughter and her class in PaperTigers. My theory is if your children see you reading and enjoying books, they will too. And of course, reading to/with them every day will provide a wonderful way to bond over books.