Read and Do with Playing by the Book

I already had a post earmarked to share with you from the wonderful Playing by the Book, and today she has another one – so here they both are:

Firstly, this great focus on children’s books from Norway, part of Zoe’s Read Around Europe – so we can look forward to more great country round-ups.

And today this wonderful post about last year’s New Horizons winner at the Bologna Book Fair, Do! by Ramesh Hengadi, Rasika Hengadi, Shantaram Dhadpe, and Kusam Dhadpe, with Gita Wolf (Tara Books, 2010). What makes this post extra special is that Zoe and her children have created a beautiful pillowcase using Warli techniques using the video of Do! from Tara Books, included in the post. Watch, read and be inspired – yes, Do!

2 Responses to “Read and Do with Playing by the Book”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Oh Marjorie, goodness me, Thankyou for mentioning Playing by the book – I’m honoured to be on Paper Tigers’ pages, it’s put a big smile on my face!

  2. Book Chook Says:

    I loved the pillowcase too!