Poetry Friday: Voices on the Air

For our new issue of PaperTigers, whose theme is Music in Children’s Books, Argentinian Mexican poet, Jorge Luján has written a very special Personal View, “Voices on the Air: Writing Poetry and Songs for Children“.

Here is an extract, in which he describes his relationship with poetry:

Poetry is a kind of vertigo for me. A challenge that frequently knocks me down, makes me feel trapped within my limits, and keeps me isolated from grace… but occasionally, drives me to horizons of astonishment, pleasure, and growth. I’m convinced that, if we are open to it, poetry can envelop us in a rare, subtle atmosphere. And poetry is not only to be found in poems, but is also present in the endless forms of nature or in the touching gestures, words and acts of people.

As a songwriter and a singer, I love the experience of the voice taking to the air like wings taking flight. Composing words and music together is a complex experience of joy and sorrow, but one which also implies building bridges between people.

I urge you to read the whole article. I found it very moving – and interesting too, for Jorge has introduced me to the work of some Latin American poets I’m slightly ashamed to admit I didn’t know…

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4 Responses to “Poetry Friday: Voices on the Air”

  1. susan Says:


    Great post. I did read the entire article and I know I’ll be back for the references made. The read was inspiring and informative. Thank you.

  2. Aline Says:

    “Voices on the Air” is indeed a very beautiful essay. I have always been a fan of Jorge’s work. I just love how unafraid of emotions he is and how he’s able to share with readers the “horizons of astonishment” he experiences through his writing.

  3. Sally Says:

    I read the article and immediately requested Lujan’s books from the library. Looking forward to meeting this poet in print!

  4. Marjorie Says:

    Thank you, Susan – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I learned a lot from Jorge’s article too – and, as you say, Aline, he has been wonderfully generous.

    Sally – you won’t be disappointed! Have you watched the video yet?