Poetry Friday: Singing Away the Dark

Winter nights are long, cold and dark in northern countries like Canada.  So often, getting up for school means trudging out into the pitch blackness which can be a little unsettling.  In Caroline Woodward’s Singing Away the Dark (illustrated by Julie Morstad, Simply Read Books, 2010), a six year old girl must set out from her family farmhouse and walk a long way to the highway bus stop.  She must go down a hill,  in between the barbed wires of a fence and through a stand of trees — all, of course, in the darkness.  A very scary prospect indeed, for one so young!  So what does the little girl do?  She sings, sings away the dark.

The girl’s journey is narrated in verse, in loose quatrains, with end rhymes every second and fourth line.   So the journey reads a bit like a song itself, accompanied also by some very fine illustration by artist Julie Morstad.  By the time the little girl meets the bus, she has overcome her fears and is “so happy when [she sees] two headlights blaze into view.”   For any child who must negotiate dark mornings as is so often the case in rural communities in northern Canada, Singing Away the Dark is certainly a good solution to the problem.

This week Poetry Friday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids.

6 Responses to “Poetry Friday: Singing Away the Dark”

  1. Tricia Stohr-Hunt Says:

    Hi Sally,
    This looks like a lovely book. I can’t wait to find it!

    P.S. – Thought you should know your Mr. Linky link actually takes you to an October 2011 poetry Friday post. I found my way here, but others may wonder how to find this page.

  2. tanita Says:

    Oh, what a lovely sounding book!

  3. Myra from GatheringBooks Says:

    Hi Sally! This actually reminded me of Anne of the Green gables – there was a part there where she would often sing or talk to herself each time that she passes by a lot of gnarled old trees on the path as she goes home – not sure though which volume in the series that was found. It does sound lovely. Will look out for this book as well in our library. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Mary Lee Says:

    SInging away the dark is a good strategy for both real and psychological darkness…

  5. laurasalas Says:

    This sounds beautiful. Adding it to my To-read Shelf now! I love the winter AND the dark, and the scary, mysterious moments both can bring…

  6. Sally Says:

    Hi All, thanks for dropping in — love the Poetry Friday community!