Poetry Friday: Holi with Poetry Pie

British-Indian poet Debjani Chatterjee emailed me the other day to let me know that CBeebies (the BBC’s children’s channel) were going to be featuring her poetry on their Poetry Pie programme – I caught up with the episodes, from Wednesday and Thursday, on-line and think it’s a delight!

The episodes are only available for a few days after the broadcast so hurry and watch them – with your little ones! Debjani’s poem for Holi is brought alive by, of all things, a hamster!

The programmes are only a few minutes long – but what a great way to get small children into poetry in this multi-media age!

***Update! I hadn’t realised that the links would only be available in the UK… so if you’re seeing this from within the UK, you can go ahead and watch. And for everyone else, Debjani has very kindly given permission for us to reproduce Holi – so here it is, in trusted back and white! Thank you, Debjani.


Waters splash!
Colours flash!
Holi’s here –
a thrilling time of year!
Red, blue, orange and green,
happy splashes can be seen
on my cheeks and on my clothes,
on my hands and on my nose.
Holi’s here –
a thrilling time of year!

Sitars strum,
Tablas drum!
Holi’s here –
a thrilling time of year!
Red, blue, orange and green,
sparkling powders can be seen
on the streets and marketplace,
in my hair and on my face.
Holi’s here –
a thrilling time of year!

© Debjani Chatterjee

This week’s Poetry Friday is over at The Miss Rumphius Effect… Happy Holi, everyone.

2 Responses to “Poetry Friday: Holi with Poetry Pie”

  1. Nandini Says:

    Oh, I missed it! Or is it only available to people in the U.K.? That’s what the link says …
    Thanks for posting this anyway, and Happy Holi!

  2. Marjorie Says:

    Nandini, I’m sorry – I hadn’t realised that the programmes could only be watched within the UK. However, you can now read the poem :-)