PaperTigers Reading the World Challenge 2010

PaperTigers Reading the World ChallengeA very Happy New Year to all our readers old and new – in the words of our current editorial over on the PaperTigers website, all of us on the PaperTigers team wish you a 2010 filled with books, peace and understanding!

…And in order to help you ensure that you have plenty of books to read, it’s time to launch our Reading the World Challenge for 2010. You may have noticed that this year we have a wonderful new widget (Thank you, Eun Ha!): please do use it on your blog if you have one; and if you don’t, do let us know about your book-choices – we would love to feature them here. I know there are many book-challenges out there but do join us if you can.

The criteria will be the same as last year, with one slight difference. You can choose at what point between January and June your 7-month period begins, in order to have completed the Challenge by the end of the year. So here’s what we have to do:

Choose one book from/about/by or illustrated by someone from each of the seven continents – that’s:

North America
South America

Have the books read aloud to you or read them yourself; share them as part of a book-group or in class. Combine your choices with other reading challenges.

The books can be picture-books, poetry, fiction, non-fiction… the choice is yours.

You can find lots of ideas in the PaperTigers Reviews and Reading Lists sections – and if you have any ideas you’d like to suggest to people joining in from different continents, please do!

Happy Reading!

And P.S. If anyone would like the code for adding the button to their blog, please email me – marjorie(at)papertigers(dot)org – and thank you to all of you who have already taken it for getting the word out…

47 Responses to “PaperTigers Reading the World Challenge 2010”

  1. susan Says:


    I need another challenge like I need a hole in the head but how can I not participate. ((sigh)) I’m in. :-)

  2. Corinne Robson Says:

    Count me in too! Plus Evan and Emma!

  3. jama Says:

    Love this idea! Count me in! :)

  4. Edi Says:

    OK, I’m in! I just, just finished Wanting Mor, so I’ll posting that review in the next day or two. Asia down, six to go! LOL

  5. Marjorie Says:

    Fantastic, what a lovely way to wake up to a Monday morning!

    I do empathise, Susan, but am so glad you’ll manage to take part.

    Corinne, I know Older Brother and Litle Brother will want to compare notes with your two.

    Jama, that’s great – and I’m sure you’ll inspire us with edible offerings :-)

    And, Edi, what a great book to start off with!

  6. susan Says:

    Marjorie, I’m in because you’re hosting. I recently read Wanting Mor, too. Loved it. Read Faith by Maya Amjera and 14 Cows by Carmen Agra Deedy, Thomas Gonzalez, Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah. Between Papertigers and Crazy Quilts, I’m enjoying so much in children’s lit. I’ll try to get a post up soon.

    Thanks for hosting.

  7. Marjorie Says:

    Susan, I’m blushing! – and, wow, you’re way ahead of us! Look forward to your post…

  8. Corinne Robson Says:

    Just finished my 1st book for the challenge: The Shepherd’s Granddaughter by Anne Laurel Carter.

  9. Marjorie Says:

    I don’t know that one, Corinne – can you tell us a bit about it?

  10. Eva Says:

    What a fun challenge! I’m joining in, and I’ve listed all my possibilities:

  11. Corinne Says:

    Marj –
    Here is a review for The Shepherd’s Granddaughter.

  12. Marjorie Says:

    Brilliant – thank you for the link, Corinne.

    And, Eva – WOW – that is the most fabulous list you’ve put together. If anyone’s looking for ideas of books for adults / crossover to read, head on over and take a look! I’ve already picked out a few for myself…

  13. Tiina Says:

    I’d like to join the challenge. My list is of possible reads is here:

  14. Marjorie Says:

    Welcome, Tiina – I’m so glad you’re joining us – and I’m so excited to see you’re based in Finland. I do love the way the internet brings people into contact!

    Everyone, go and take a look at Tiina’s list of possible reads, if you’re looking for inspiration…

  15. M. LaVora Perry Says:

    I’ve just discovered Paper Tigers. Reading the World is a wonderful idea. I’m an author and have a chapter book biography set in Japan coming out in March: Peacebuilders–Daisaku Ikeda & Josei Toda, Buddhist Leaders. You can check out its website here:

    I’ve already posted a PT link on my blog. But now I’m going to add the challenge image –



  16. Marjorie Says:

    LaVora, I’m so glad you’re joining us and look forward to hearing about the books you read. I’m also intrigued by your new book – I’m off to look at the website you give and your blog right now!

  17. Edi Says:

    My Europe book review:

  18. Tiina Says:

    Reviews for both my January (Asia) and February (Europe) books are here:


  19. Tiina Says:

    Here are my reviews for my March (Australia) and April (North America) books:


  20. jama Says:

    Began the challenge with Picture Books about Asia and Asian Americans:




    This is fun!

  21. Nora Says:

    I’ll join :) And just in time.

  22. Marjorie Says:

    It’s great to have you on board, Jama and Nora – I’ll be writing an update very soon…

  23. Tiina Says:

    My review for my Africa book The Lovers of Algeria by Anouar Benmalek is up:


  24. Tiina Says:

    My review for The Birthday Boys by Beryl Bainbridge is up: It was my Antarctica book.


  25. Kieren Says:

    Oh, found this very late, but I’d love to put the button on my blog…
    (my first pb came out in April, a book of parallel nursery rhymes in Chinese and English!

  26. sandhya Says:

    I hope there is a 2011 edition of this challenge. Would love to participate if there is!

  27. Myra Says:

    Hello! I just learned about this. We, at GatheringBooks would love to participate in your 2011 challenge! Hope to see the post up and about soon. =)

  28. Marjorie Says:

    Well done to everyone who completed the 2010 Reading the World Challenge – probably better than we did… I hope you’ll be joining us in 2011 too. I’ll be posting details very soon – it will be slightly different this year. So Kieren, Sandhya and Myra, I hope you’ll take part too :-)