PaperTigers Managing Editor Aline Pereira on “Changes Afoot in 2011″

If you have already read today’s earlier post, received our latest newsletter or taken a look at the latest issue on the PaperTigers website, you will know that there are exciting developments in the offing for PaperTigers, especially as regards our Outreach Programe - developments which will affect both the PaperTigers website and the blog; and you will have realised that for all of us who are involved in PaperTigers, there is also a thread of sadness running through the anticipation of what is to come, for we will very sadly be losing Aline Pereira as a member of our team. Here on the blog, we will certainly be celebrating all that Aline has achieved, before her departure for pastures new in February; in the meantime, here is her final editorial taken from the main PaperTigers website, in which she talks about “Changes Afoot in 2011″:

Who says a Tiger can’t change (or at least rearrange) its stripes?

Led by the desire to expand its outreach program and faced with financial constraints, PaperTigers is in the process of doing just that: reconfiguring its stripes. Some difficult decisions were made that will affect the way things work in the new year.

First, the not so good news…

Come February, sadly, I will be leaving PaperTigers. As a result of the economy downturn that is affecting so many in the United States and of a decision to redirect part of PaperTigers’ funds to the development of an additional outreach reality (as explained below), my Managing Editor role will cease to exist. Marjorie Coughlan, who has been PaperTigers Associate Editor on a part-time basis since 2005, and my partner in crime and good friend, will become PaperTigers only editor.

Since this is my last editorial, I’d like to take this opportunity to say goodbye and to express my gratitude to all the readers, friends, colleagues and contributors for their support, friendship, work and always helpful feedback these past six years. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to have worked/crossed paths with each one of you. Please stay in touch.

On a more positive note, let me be the one to tell you what other changes are afoot for PaperTigers in 2011. I won’t be in the picture after February (except for maybe the occasional article or book review), but the projects I’ve helped grow and, in some cases, establish, will continue to exist–even if in a slightly modified format.

As you know, over the last few years, in addition to offering rich and varied content on the website, we have also been developing our blog and outreach program. In an attempt to present these three realities more clearly, starting in mid-January, those going to will find a new landing page, where they can choose which of the three aspects of PaperTigers they want to read about/explore, i.e. the site, the blog or the outreach program.

On the site itself, topics will no longer be treated through bimonthly issues, as they have been until now. Themes and geographical areas will continue to be covered, but in a more flexible way that is not confined to a bimonthly rhythm. We believe that this will allow the website and blog to be integrated more fully.

We have intensified our outreach program in the course of the last twelve months. Through the Spirit of PaperTigers book donation project we have sent sets of books to schools in many parts of the world. This project will continue to exist, but in a simplified way that takes into account the suggestions made by recipients of the sets in this first experimental year.

Our outreach efforts this year have also made us vividly aware that in parts of the world where clean water and good sanitation are not available, promoting literacy and encouraging children to become “hungry readers” does not get very far. We have therefore undertaken a series of small projects to provide children in areas of need with both books and water. It is PaperTigers’ intention to push forward and further develop these two outreach aspects in the coming year: “water for living and books for reading.”

I think this covers everything about the upcoming changes, so… So long for now, and please remember: PaperTigers is counting on your continued support as it reconfigures its stripes.

May we all learn to embrace change and make the best of it in 2011.


4 Responses to “PaperTigers Managing Editor Aline Pereira on “Changes Afoot in 2011″”

  1. Aline Says:

    I’d like to thank all the authors, illustrators, contributors, publishers and readers who have been sending their good wishes to me via the email listed in my last editorial. Your words have touched me profoundly. Thanks for all you have done to help turn PaperTigers into the great resource that it is. We’ll cross paths again in the future, I’m sure!

  2. Edi Says:

    I enjoy following the work that PaperTiger does and am always amazed by the wonderful resources you provide. Thanks for explaining the upcoming changes.