“PaperTigers 10th Anniversary” by Founder and Executive Director Peter Coughlan

Rounding off our 10th Anniversary celebrations (apart, of course, from the results of our Draw, which will be announced on Monday), we bring you a Personal View written by the Founder of PaperTigers, Executive Director Peter Coughlan: PaperTigers’ 10th Anniversary. In the article, Peter gives some of the background to how PaperTigers came into being, complimenting founding Editor Elisa Oreglia’s Personal View published last month.

Peter brings the different phases in the history of PaperTigers up to the present.  Here is what he says about WaterBridge Outreach, the continuation of what was until recently called our Spirit of PaperTigers Outreach:

The most recent development in the PaperTigers story is – alongside the main site and the blog, which continue through from the second and third phases – WaterBridge Outreach, as summed up in the phrase Books+Water: Nourishing the Mind and Body. This springs from the desire firstly, to put books into the hands of children, especially in areas of need around the world – multicultural books that children can enjoy and that help open young minds and hearts to the world beyond their immediate experience. Secondly, I have been lecturing for some time at a college of the University of London in the area of applied ethics and, specifically, about the challenges facing our world at the nexus of water, food and energy in the context of climate change/global warming. Literacy and reading yes, but the lack of clean water and basic sanitation is a significant impediment to education, especially the education of girls, in too many parts of the world. Thinking about this led to the decision to expand our programs in 2009/2010 under the banner of PaperTigers: Books+Water, thus including not only the PaperTigers site and blog but also the practical WaterBridge Outreach programs – books and water here being specific expressions of the insight that education and the meeting of basic human needs must move forward together.

Read the whole of Peter’s Personal View here.

One Response to ““PaperTigers 10th Anniversary” by Founder and Executive Director Peter Coughlan”

  1. Aline Pereira Says:

    What a lovely piece, Peter! It’s wonderful to read your heartfelt and eloquent words on the history of the organization. I’m proud to have been a part of it. Long live PaperTigers!