Around the World in 100 Bookshelves

Here’s a picture of my seven-year-old daughter’s bookshelf… The top shelf houses her books in Portuguese; the two bottom ones hold books in English from all over the world. She’s a lucky girl, no doubt. And—blame me and PaperTigers—that doesn’t even cover her whole collection. There are children’s books scattered on the floor in every single room of the house… we just don’t have enough bookshelves to put them on! What a great problem to have…

So here’s the deal: whether your little one has too many or too few, in shelves or piles, tidy or scattered on the floor, please send us pictures of their books! Mail us a photo with your child’s first name, age, city and country, and we will post it here, as part of our “Around the World in 100 Bookshelves” project. Hopefully our combined photos will offer a glimpse of a big world made smaller through books and reading. Don’t worry about capturing the whole bookshelf/book collection in the photo. A partial image, along with a reading-related anecdote and/or a few lines describing the bookshelf’s content, should be enough to help us connect across languages and cultures.

We are hoping to feature bookshelves from all over, so please help us spread the word!

26 Responses to “Around the World in 100 Bookshelves”

  1. Janet Says:

    What are the little red hardcovers, bottom shelf, far right? They look like New York Review of Books titles–Jenny and the Cat People??

  2. Aline Says:

    What an eye you have, Janet! That’s exactly what they are: “Jenny and the Cat Club” books! Some of Anabella’s all time favorites.

    I also had a photo, that I didn’t post, of a small section of the bookshelf, where you could see the following titles: David Bouchard’s “The Drum Calls Softly” (thanks for the gift, Corinne!); John J Muth’s “Stone Soup” and “Zen Ties;” Chieri Uegaki’s “Suki’s Kimono;” “A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World;” “The Barefoot Book of Fairytales” and Christine Hurley Deriso’s lyrical “Dreams to Grow On.” A little slice of the world, right there…

  3. Marjorie Says:

    Little Brother was just given the Castle pop-up book for his birthday at the week-end! As soon as we’ve had a tidy-up (there seem to be more books everywhere but on the shelves at the moment), we’ll send in our photos – a good incentive for the week-end!

  4. Aline Says:

    Marjorie–don’t let the word “bookshelf” scare you. No need to tidy-up (well, at least not on account of this project). A picture of your kids’ books scattered on the floor would be just as wonderful, as it would capture one of children’s many ways to be with books. Send it in!

  5. Corinne Says:

    Well I must admit that we did a little tidy-up before I handed the camera to Emma and let her take the photos. We now have a big pile of “outgrown” books that will be passed on to their younger cousins.

  6. Swati Says:

    Have just sent off an email; hope it doesn’t land in the spam bin! It’d be lovely to see all the photos together.

  7. Aline Says:

    Many thanks, Swati! We did receive it and will be posting it here soon!

  8. Fran @ Dear Me Says:

    just hopped in from the Philippines!

    took a photo of my 1 year old’s book collection. hehehe. :)

    will submit tonight. :)