Multicultural Adoption 2

As the genre of books on multicultural adoption grows in popularity, lists of such books, with sub-genres, are also proliferating. The Comeunity site offers book lists for kids and adults, along with other resources for adopting families. The AdoptShoppe site offers books specifically for kids from China, Korea, and Russia. Adopt Korea has a list for Korean adoptees. Adopt Vietnam has lists for fiction and non-fiction. Here’s another resource for kids’ multicultural adoption books and one of multiracial adoption books from PACT. Adoption counselor and author Betty J. Lifton writes on the subject, for children and for adults.d

At PaperTigers, check here for an interview with Xinran, author of Motherbridge of Love (MBL) , whose U.K. based charity has the goal of “reaching out to Chinese children in all corners of the world: those who have been raised abroad, those who have been adopted by Western families, and those living in China, often in destitute conditions”. And here for Rose Kent‘s article, “Three Cheers for Adoption Books and Why We Should All Read ‘Em.”

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  1. Jackie Meissner Says:

    I would like to let all the loving families of multiculteral adoption about a children’s book called “Why Am I Brown? (A Child’s View of Multiculteral Adoption). I am the author, but the story came about when my five year old daughter noticed that we were not the same color. A wonderful conversation developed about the similarties and differences that are common in multiculteral families. This book is geared for the young mind and can be easily understood. It has had wonderful success in all kinds of families. You can order the book online at Publish American, Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Nobel.