Looking for children’s books about dragons?

saffron TreeHead on over to Saffron Tree’s blog and read their latest post A Celebration of Dragons in Children’s Literature. Make sure to scroll down the page and read their recent interview with Anushka Ravishankar too. Known as India’s Dr. Suess, Anushka has written more than twenty-five books—verse, fiction and non-fiction—many of which have been translated into several languages. We’ve reviewed some of her books here and here and had the pleasure of meeting her at the 2011 Asian Festival of Children’s Content. We’re excited to announce that PaperTigers’ Editor Marjorie Coughlan will be joining Anushka and author/editor Daphne Lee from Malaysia at the 2013 AFCC and hosting a session entitled Asian Themes in Children’s Books. For details, click here.

4 Responses to “Looking for children’s books about dragons?”

  1. Vivian Kirkfield Says:

    Dragons are like dinosaurs…kids love to read about them! Thank you so much for the great link…I’m looking forward to connecting with all of these amazing people at the AFCC this May.:)

  2. PragmaticMom Says:

    I do love dragons in kids books! (more than snakes!)

  3. Marjorie Says:

    I so agree – and I have a huge dragon fan in my house!

    And I’m very excited at the thought of meeting Anushka and Daphne at AFCC, and feel privileged to be sharing a session with them.

  4. Corinne Says:

    PragmaticMom – I’m with you on loving dragons more than snakes! It would be interesting though to come up with a list of snake themed children’s fiction books in honor of the Year of the Snake (one of my favorites is Verdi by Janell Cannon). Hmmm….perhaps something I’ll have to work on once I get the March Calendar of Events finished.