Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to the Asian Festival of Children’s Content we go!

Our bags are packed and both Marj and I are currently en route to the Asian Festival of Children’s Content taking place May 25 – 30 in Singapore. We’ll have to sleep during the flights because once we hit the ground in Singapore there will be no time for jet lag! The program is jam packed with events to attend, people to meet up with and more! Marj and I will also be participating in the following sessions:

 paw_sm3Asian Themes in Children’s Books ~ Daphne Lee (Author, Reviewer), Marjorie Coughlan (Reviewer), Anushka Ravishankar (Author), Moderator: Lisa Yun (Educator)

 Will including Asian themes alienate your audience? Why bother, if that’s the case? Join this panel of Asian creators as they discuss the use and application of Asian themes and motifs in children’s books.

paw_sm3The Current State and Future Possibilities of Asian-Themed Publishing in the US ~ Renee Ting (Publisher), Moderator: Marjorie Coughlan (Reviewer)

 Join Shen’s Books publisher Renee Ting as she talks about the current state of publishing in the USA, what kind of a market currently exists for Asian books, and what she foresees for the future. Find out if your books can be sold in the USA!

paw_sm3The Fine Art of Reviewing Children’s Books ~ Marjorie Coughlan (Reviewer)

Presentation and workshop. What makes a good book? What makes a good review? The components of a book review, choosing books to review, writing a review for publication and more!

paw_sm3Fostering Relationships within the Blogging Community ~ Vivian Kirkfield (Blogger, Educator, Author), Marjorie Coughlan (Reviewer), Michelle Chew (Blogger, Reviewer), Moderator: Aun Koh

A lot of myths maintain you can’t make real friends on the Internet, but you know better by now. Join Michelle Chew, Vivian Kirkfield, and Marjorie Coughlan as they talk about building and growing communities and relationships online.

Transforming Facts ipaw_sm3nto Riveting Reading ~ Chris Cheng (Author), Shirin Yim Bridges (Author, Publisher), Mio Debnam (Author, Editor),  Moderator: Corinne Robson (Reviewer, Blogger)

While fiction looks like it has a flashier bag of tricks for enticing readers, there’s a knack to writing non-fiction that can lure kids into enjoying what could otherwise be a dry and dull read. Authors Chris Cheng, Mio Debnam and Shirin Yim Bridges come together to talk about how they turn dry fact into happy reading in this panel discussion.

paw_sm3Splash! Asia session: Water Themed Books in the Asian Setting ~ Evelyn Wong, Myra Garces Bacsal (Educator, Reviewer, Blogger) , Moderator: Corinne Robson (Reviewer, Blogger)

In celebration of the UN International Year of Water, AFCC 2013 presents this session on the use of water in Asian books. Join Evelyn Wong and Myra Garces Bacsal as they showcase the diversity and talent in Asian children’s literature on the theme of water.


2013 Singtel Asian Picture Book Award ~The SingTel Asian Picture Book Award will be presented annually for an outstanding unpublished picture book with a distinctly Asian theme. The first SingTel Asian Picture Book Award will be presented  during the Asian Festival of Children’s Content on 28 May 2013.

Full programme and festival details are available online here.

If you are going to be in Singapore, be sure to let us know as we would love to meet up with you. If you can’t be there, keep an eye here on our PaperTigers’ blog as we will be posting regularly to share some of our highlights with you!

5 Responses to “Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to the Asian Festival of Children’s Content we go!”

  1. Linda Baie Says:

    So exciting to be there. I’ll follow along! Happy travels!

  2. Corinne Robson Says:

    Thanks Linda! I look forward to sharing all the excitement with our readers. Tomorrow I get to M.C. an illustrators duel with Australian John Foley (The Last Viking, In the Lion) and Singaporean Stephanie Wong (Amos Lee Diary Series).