Happy Anniversary to Saffron Tree!

Here at PaperTigers we are in the midst of celebrating our 10th Anniversary with Top 10 book lists, new gallery features (including a focus on John Parra who created our 10th Anniversary poster), a newly launched Facebook page, and special birthday articles (Marjorie Coughlan’s Looking Forward to the Next Ten Years of PaperTigers, and Beyond and Aline Pereira’s Celebrating  PaperTigers 10th Anniversary: What a Smilestone!).

Today however we are not only celebrating our own anniversary but also that of our friend and fellow  non-profit organization: Saffron Tree.   Six years ago Praba Ram established Saffron Tree and embarked on a journey to “showcase the best of Indian, Indian American and other children’s books focusing on diversity, nature and other eclectic themes that we passionately care about in reading to our own children.”  Saffron Tree has grown and flourished (there are now 18 blog contributors!)  and we highly recommend it as one of the kidlit blogs to visit.  To celebrate their birthday Saffron Tree has two major events planned: CROCUS – a five day book blog festival to “Celebrate Reading of Culturally Unique Stories” , and a book drive  for Kranti India, a non-profit organization that helps support and educate socially marginalized girls and women. It will be a busy, fun-filled week over at Saffron Tree Head so head on over, join in the party and do see if you are able to help them in their mission to send books to an organization that desperately needs our collective help.

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Saffron Tree!”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    Happy Birthday to Saffron Tree – and what a great way to celebrate!

  2. sandhya Says:

    Thank you for this post, Corinne. The feeling is mutual, and we love all posts at PaperTigers as well.