Gabrielle Wang launches her book The Wishbird this weekend and you’re invited to attend!

thewishbirdOur current issue of PaperTigers is entitled Journeys and includes an interview with Australian Gabrielle Wang in which she talks about her journey from an artist to a children’s book writer. Gabrielle’s newest book for middle grade readers  The Wishbird  is being launched this weekend and all are invited to attend! Signed limited edition Giclee prints (very high quality prints)  of selected internal illustrations will be available for sale on the day.

Imagine a world without music.

Imagine if all the singers and musicians disappeared, never to be seen again. Music is outlawed. Even birds are killed because they sing. And because birds live in forests then the forests all around are burnt to stumps. 

Music is an integral part of human existence. Every culture in the world makes music. Without it, the soul dies.

This is at the heart of The Wishbird



759 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC

PLEASE RSVP: gabrielle(at)

Published by Penquin Books Australia, The Wishbird is receiving rave reviews and I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy. Do pay a visit to Gabrielle’s blog and listen to her read the first two chapters of The Wishbird here. You can also listen to her radio interview on Radio National, Books and Arts Daily HERE . To celebrate the book’s release Gabrielle is giving away 6 signed copies on Goodreads. Check out her Facebook page for the entry link. Congratulations Gabrielle!!


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