CROCUS 2010: You’re invited!

You’re invited to take part in CROCUS 2010, Saffron Tree‘s exciting annual book festival in celebration of their anniversary. They’re turning 4 this year and have planned a week-long romp in honor of culturally diverse and unique stories. Make sure to drop by at some point between Oct 23-30 to wish them a happy anniversary and to enjoy all the special book reviews, interviews, contests and giveaways planned for the occasion. As a matter of fact, you should plan on stopping by and joining in on the fun all seven days of it!

PaperTigers’ current issue, focusing on children’s literature from India and the Indian diaspora, features personal view pieces by Saffron Tree contributors’ UTBT (Anitha Rumkumar) and Choxbox (Namrata), about Anushka Ravishankar’s books and a young readers’ series on Indian history, respectively. Check them out, on PaperTigers and at their blog! We are big fans of Saffron Tree, and all their talented and passionate contributors, and highly recommend it as a source of excellent multicultural reading material.

Poster artwork by Lavanya Karthik

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