"Claiming Face" on Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month 2010 PosterThis year we welcome Hispanic Heritage Month by pointing you to Children’s Book Press‘ guest blog post by Maya Christina Gonzalez, the first of a series highlighting the author’s “Claiming Face Educator’s Guide” curriculum, published by her own Reflection Press (Maya has published several books with Children’s Book Press). In this first post, which went live on Sep 7, Maya gives us a little background to the project, whose goal is to help children learn to use creativity on their journey to developing a strong sense of self. She says:

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many children over the years. Since I work almost exclusively with children of color, I naturally began sharing with them how art had supported me growing up. This evolved and deepened over the years into a full curriculum I call Claiming Face.

The series will go on for a few months, with one post per month, so head on over to read the first installment now—and, while you’re at it, make sure to bookmark the Children’s Book Press’s website and blog, as you will want to visit often to keep abreast not only of new posts in this series, but also of their new releases and 35th anniversary festivities happening this month and next.

2 Responses to “"Claiming Face" on Hispanic Heritage Month”

  1. Edi Says:

    Thanks so much for making me aware of this resource! These months can be good opportunities to renew our caches!