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Spread your reading wings and join the PaperTigers Reading the World Challenge 2012

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Do you enjoy reading books from and about different cultures?  Would you like to have an incentive to read more culturally diverse books?  Either way, the PaperTigers Reading the World Challenge is the one for you!

We’re keeping it simple,  as it would be great for libraries and schools, as well as parents, as well as book bloggers and grown-up children’s book afficionados, to take part. The number of books and the flexible time span mean that it could be incorporated into a school reading program or a storytime slot, for example.  The one major addition is to include a work in translation, otherwise it’s running pretty much along the same lines as last year.  Here’s how it works:

1. Read a total of seven books.

2. Choose six books from/about/by or illustrated by someone from different countries anywhere in the world, three of which must be in different continents, and at least one of which must be translated from another language.

3. Choose one book from/about your city/district – as local and as relevant to your geographical setting as you can find.

4. You should choose at least one book of each of the following categories: fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

5. Have the books read aloud to you or read them yourself; share them as part of a book-group or in class. Read them in books, on an e-reader, or listen to audio-books. Combine your choices with other reading challenges.

6. There is no time limit for the reading the World Challenge, apart from completing it by the end of the year.

You can sign up to the Challenge in the Comments to this post. Do come back and tell us what books you’ve read. Writing reviews is not a necessary part of the Challenge, but if you do post any, we love to read them so do leave a link to them too, and I’ll also incorporate them into the updates I write through the year.

If you’re looking for ideas, you’ll find lots in the PaperTigers Reviews and Reading Lists sections, as well as in many of our Personal Views – or do let us know your own suggestions.  Let’s try and generate a list of picture, MG and YA books translated into English too…  And do feel free to pick up our gorgeous button from the sidebar too; or if you’d like me to send you the code, email me, marjorieATpapertigersDOTorg.  Here’s to another year of exciting reading!