Canadian Children's Book Week~ Nov 14 – 21

BookWeekImage2009_0Canadian Children’s Book Week, the single most important national event celebrating Canadian children’s books and the importance of reading, kicks off tomorrow. The official theme for Book Week 2009, Gold Medal Reading!, will celebrate sports in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games which will be held in Vancouver, BC.  The Book Week tour will have twenty-nine  authors, illustrators and storytellers visiting schools, libraries, bookstores and community centres in every province and territory across the country. Over 35,000 children, teens and adults will take part in the readings and workshops given by the Book Week tour participants.

3 Responses to “Canadian Children's Book Week~ Nov 14 – 21”

  1. Aline Says:

    Thanks, Corinne. What a lovely illustration/animation they’ve chosen for it! I bet Marjorie will love it : )

  2. Marjorie Says:

    Yes, I do :-) What a gorgeous elephant – and it sounds as though it will be a fun-packed event too!

  3. Sally Says:

    Shared this post on my FB, and some friends then reposted it on their’s so word’s getting out! A librarian friend told me there are events and contests going on at our local libraries all this week. Hope to check it out with my kids on our next library visit.