Books at Bedtime: Sunflowers

APlaceWhereSunflowersGrowIt’s hard to believe that it’s summer here in the UK at the moment but the sunflower seed which Son Number One planted a couple of months ago is about 30cm tall and still growing – so we may eventually have a happy ball of sunshine in our garden to counteract the rain, which may also still be falling!

Keeping watch over every millimetre of growth has been a good time to read A Place Where Sunflowers Grow, this year’s winner of the Jane Addams Book Award for Best Picture Book. It is a beautiful and poignant story about one little American girl’s experience of adjusting to being interned during the Second World War because of her Japanese heritage; the character, Mari, is based on author Amy Lee-Tai’s own mother. You can hear Amy reading extracts from the book and talking about it here.

The book is published by the independent, non-profit publishing house Children’s Book Press, whose executive editor, Dana Goldberg, has just been interviewed by Just One More Book. It’s part of their Publishers’ Showcase, a special series of interviews with children’s book publishers – well worth listening to.

2 Responses to “Books at Bedtime: Sunflowers”

  1. Taro Says:

    “A Place Where Sunflowers Grow” were exhibited with Children’s Art Works of New York City to public school in Japan in 2008.

    Japanese children and teachers read this book and they learned human right and history of USA.
    This book is one of the great book for children.

  2. Marjorie Says:

    Thank you, Taro, for telling us about this. It is certainly demonstrative of the far-reaching influence such important children’s books can have. It would be fascinating to know more. If you or anyone else have any words or photographs you would like to share with us, do send them to us.