Books at Bedtime: Reading Challenge 2008

PaperTigers’ Books at Bedtime section of our blog is now a part of the new, exciting Tiger’s Bookshelf, which was launched this week. We welcome Janet, our new blogger, who is encouraging young people to join our virtual book-club – see her introductory post for background and details. Books at Bedtime will continue to recommend books for reading aloud (not just at bedtime!) and to celebrate this new development, we are launching our PaperTigers’ Reading Challenge to carry us through to the end of the year.

So here’s the deal:

Choose one book from or about each one of the five geographical areas shown on the PaperTigers map and …

have them read aloud to you,
or read them aloud to your children/class/bookgroup,
or read them yourself

between now and 30th June.

The books can be picture-books, poetry, fiction, non-fiction… the choice is yours.

Let us know your list and then what you thought of them when you’ve completed the challenge.

You can find lots of ideas in the PaperTigers Reviews section and here are some links to other reading lists that might help you – or pop into your local library for some inspiration. Then, when you’ve made a note of the many books you’d like to choose, there’s always the sticking-a-pin-in method… and of course there’s no reason why you can’t start all over again with another five books when you’ve finished!

We’ve decided on three different challenges in our household: one family readaloud then each of the boys will choose their own reading list… Deciding on the logistics was the easy part; I’ll let you know soon which books we actually whittle our lists down to. And we look forward to hearing about your adventures on the PaperTigers Reading Challenge too!

18 Responses to “Books at Bedtime: Reading Challenge 2008”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Great stuff, Marj – like the Reading Challenge initiative.
    The map (link) really brings home to you the spread and impact of books and reading around the world – good luck with going global!

  2. Janet Says:

    What an exciting idea! The Tiger’s Choice accepts your challenge and will include titles that meet your guidelines.

  3. Marjorie Says:

    Thank you, Joe – yes, there is certainly enormous scope for variety and, as you say, impact.

    Janet, I look forward to what The Tiger’s Choice will proffer – and to hearing what others will suggest/comment on alongside.

  4. Corinne Says:

    Our family accepts the challenge! We chose “Rickshaw Girl” by Mitali Perkins to be our first book. We have just returned from the library and found out that several of the non-fiction books submitted for the 2008 Kiriyama Prize (on PaperTigers’ sister site were in the Children’s and YA section. My son, who always chooses non-fiction over fiction, was thrilled with this discovery.

  5. Marjorie Says:

    Happy reading, Corinne and family – let us know how you get on and what your next choices are!

    And isn’t that great about the Kiryama? I think we need to explore that adult/ya crossover further – especially, as you point out, in non-fiction.

  6. Aline Says:

    I have my list! The first three are 2008 ALA Award winners/honor books; the other two, titles from my 2007 list I never got a chance to read last year. All of which we’ll be featuring on the website in the near future. It’s nice to go about it in this way, making sure all regions are covered. The “it’s a small world after all” feeling it gives me is the best! Some of them I’ll be able to read to/with my 6 year old, others, I’ll relish reading on my own. Here goes:

    JAPAN: Brave Story, by Miyuki Miyabe, translated by Alexander O. Smith. Winner of the 2008 Batchelder Medal for best children’s book in translation.

    NEPAL: Kami and the Yaks, by Andrea Stenn Stryer. illus. by Bert Dodson. Winner of the Schneider Family Award for books that embody the artistic expression of the disability experience for ages 0-10.

    COLOMBIA: My Name is Gabito/Me llamo Gabito, by Monica Brown, illus. by Raul Colón. A 2008 Belpré Illustrator Honor book.

    PHILLIPINES: Barefoot in Fire: A World War II Childhood, by Barbara-Ann Gamboa, illus. by Barbara Pollak

    AUSTRALIA: Woolvs in the Sitee, by Margaret Wild, illus. by Anne Spudvilas. A 2007 Children’s Book of the Year Award winner and a Picture Book of the Year Honor Book, by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

    Now you tell me: am I in for some treats or what?…