Books at Bedtime: anthologies and audio books

SunI have just received this lovely e-card from Barefoot Books, which I would like to share with you all – it’s based on their recently-published Whole World, which not only celebrates the world we live in but reminds us that we need to look after it – something that Barefoot Books are really focussing on with their new “Go Barefoot, Go Global” emphasis on environmental issues.

As well as family favourites like The Emperor who Hated Yellow, The Gigantic Turnip and The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac, we love Barefoot Books’ anthologies of stories from around the world. Son Number One has taken The Barefoot Book of Knights out of the library on a regular basis over the last three years. I like its format of the traditional tales being woven into the story of a young steward who is learning to be a knight, although it does sometimes mean reading time goes on for much longer than you intended!

PiratesGenerally, however, these anthologies are great for dipping into or for quenching a child’s thirst for “More, more, more!” without having to resort to carrying around great piles of books – a relief on train or plane journeys… Then, what is really great is that so many of Barefoot’s publications are also available in audio format and can be enjoyed on car journeys too – somehow, no matter how many times you hear them as child or adult, you never get tired of them. At the moment, my children particularly enjoy listening to Animal Tales From Around The World and Pirates (I love the story from Japan about Mochimitsu who is saved by his beautiful music). They like to have the book open too so they can follow the illustrations, which are always so vibrant and full of extra details.

And what about in your family? Which audio books do your children like listening to – and when?

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