Asian Festival of Children’s Content ~ May 25th

It was a day chock full of amazing presentations and meeting wonderful people. Today promises to be another exciting day and starts soon so for today’s blog post I will just upload some images from yesterday.  Once I return home from Singapore I promise to expand on some of the panel discussions I attended.

The Venue: The Arts House is Singapore’s first court house and former parliament house which is now and an arts and heritage venue.









Keynote speaker Stephen Mooser (USA) delivers the keynote speech “What is the Future of Children’s Publishing”?









Author and literacy advocate Christopher Cheng (Australia) “It Takes Two (or More) to Tango: Collaborating with an Illustrator, Musician, or Animator









Author/illustrator Yangsook Choi (Korea/USA) “Mythical Stories & Images of Asia”












Dr. Myra Garces-Bacsal (Singapore) “On Fairies (Diwata), Mousedeers (Sang Kancil), Merpeople, and Magic Spells – Threads that Bind Children’s Tales from Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia”










Here’s Radhika Menon,  founder of Tulika Publishers.  Tulika Publishers is an independent publishing house from Chennai, India which, since 1996, has been publishing multilingual children’s books and stories in translation in a variety of genres. The first publisher of bilingual books in India, Tulika is committed to addressing the needs of children growing up in a pluralistic society. Read PaperTigers’ October 2010 interview with Radhika here,










Author Adeline Foo and illustrator Christine Lim Simpson with their book Guai Wu, The Chinese Elf. Adeline Foo has written 15 books  including the acclaimed Peranakan series (Chilli Padi, The Beaded Slippers) and The Diary of Amos Leewhich made Singapore’s top ten best sellers’ list. Adeline and author Eliza Teoh (Singapore) hosted a collective book launch at the AFCC for the newest books and also gave insights into how children influenced their new books (Adeline’s is entititled Whoopie Lee. Almost Famous and Eliza’s Ellie Belly: Follow that Bird!).

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  1. Marjorie Says:

    Wonderful! Thank you, Corinne; can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Sally Says:

    Yes, wish I could be there! Sounds like some amazing presentations going on.