Araba’s Bookshelf: Mandeville, Jamaica to Spokane, WA, USA





















Bookshelf #23:
22 years old
Mandeville, Jamaica to Spokane, WA, USA

When I learned of the Paper Tigers “Around the World in 100 Bookshelves” project, I had to submit a photo of my favorite childhood bookshelf! Not only do the books reflect storytelling traditions from countries all over the world, but the bookshelf itself has a globetrotting past. It was handpainted by a Jamaican artist, using images and Adinkra symbols from Ghana (my family’s home), and traveled with me all the way to Spokane, WA, USA, where it still resides. Nowadays, it holds beloved stories from picture books to novels, reminding me how fortunate I am to have grown up with a good read always at hand!

Submitted by: Rachel Phillips, currently working with Mmofra Foundation in Ghana, Africa

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3 Responses to “Araba’s Bookshelf: Mandeville, Jamaica to Spokane, WA, USA”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    Whatr a beautiful book case! Lovely to see Abuela tucked in there on the top shelf ( and The Invisible Princess is calling out to be discoverd too!

  2. Corinne Says:

    I am in awe of your gorgeous bookshelf and it’s globetrotting adventures. I don’t know what might draw people’s attention the most: the lovely titles inside ( 2 great books I can spot are Elisa Kleven’s Abuela and Faith Ringgold’s The Invisible Princess !) or the stunning artwork on the bookshelf. Simply beautiful!

  3. Sally Says:

    That is one awesome colorful bookshelf!