“A Special Assembly” or Learning to control asthma, not letting it control you…

aspecialassembly.jpgA Special Assembly by Debjani Chatterjee and illustrated by David Lumley was commissioned by the Asian People’s Disability Alliance (UK) to provide information for kids with asthma and their families. You can read here about why the project of raising awareness of asthma in Asian families has become a priority of the APDA.

Debjani’s story is upbeat. Raj dreams of being a world-class cricketer – but it looks like that’s all he’ll be able to do, dream about it, because he has asthma… until a class pen-friend project brings a famous Indian cricketer all the way to a special assembly at Raj’s school. And guess what? He has asthma too!

The booklet would make a good resource for introducing a school pen-pal project, while raising awareness of asthma at the same time. It is available upon request, with a charge for postage and packing only: see here for further details.

One Response to ““A Special Assembly” or Learning to control asthma, not letting it control you…”

  1. Janet Says:

    My oldest son had severe childhood asthma, so I had a special empathy for parents who wanted books on asthma when I was a bookseller. There wasn’t much that wasn’t clinical, so they usually left with a picture book or two that showed how a child coped with fear (a big issue for a child who fights to breathe.) Does anyone know of any other books that are helpful for children with asthma and their parents?