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Alongside the educational and literacy side of the Spirit of PaperTigers Outreach, there is of course the “water dimension”. The photos illustrate water projects that have now been completed in the villages of Mundiritoppu and Panjantertee, where wells are now producing clean drinking water on a regular basis for the villagers and their children.

A further project in which PaperTigers Outreach has collaborated with Tamil Nadu Village Outreach is the toilet project at the Karanai Village Elementary School. , Curt Degler, President of South Asian Village Empowerment International, the umbrella organisation for Tamilnadu Village Outreach (TVO) told PaperTigers that these sanitation projects at schools are an example of a serious need in many parts of India. There are many schools where the toilets are either non-existent or in extreme need of renewal. Good sanitation and the provision of safe, clean water are of fundamental importance in avoiding disease and in offering a healthy environment where effective education for boys and girls can take place. Non-potable well water, of course, can be used to good effect in setting up WC facilities.  

PaperTigers Outreach is at present preparing further projects with Tamilnadu Village Outreach in order to provide good toilet facilities for more local schools, as well as working with the villagers to ensure adequate supplies of clean, safe water on a sustainable long-term basis.

Photos provided by Curt Degler.

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