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Illustrator Meilo So talks about some of the animals that have featured in her work and her small publishing house So & Co Books, "the most northerly publishing shed in Britain"...

Storyteller Gladys Milroy tells us about the mission behind her recent book Dingo's Tree and explains why it is "the birthright of Aboriginal children, and all children to be born into stories"...

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Illustrator Chinlun Lee from Taiwan reveals why she was completely unfazed by the number of dogs involved in her picture book The Kind Rich Lady and her One Hundred Dogs...

Japanese illustrator Kae Nishimura tells us why she would especially like to have a dog and a goat...


Susan Guevara

Meilo So
Yoshiko Jaeggi

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Gladys Milroy and Jill Milroy
Dingo's Tree
Magabala Books, 2012.

When the other animals shun him, Dingo draws his own tree on a rock: a tree that turns out to be a magical Rain Tree. As time passes and the landscape is ravaged by the scars of mining and drought, the Tree gives its last raindrop to the world, all the animals work together to care for it - and then the time comes when they have to make a difficult decision...

image © G.Milroy and J. Milroy
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