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Shaun Tan's artwork
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Shaun Tan
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Born in 1974 in Perth, Western Australia, Shaun Tan began his career when he was a teenager, drawing and painting images for science fiction and horror stories in small-press magazines. Since then he has received numerous awards for his picture books. He is the illustrator and author of The Red Tree and The Lost Thing; and in 2006, his graphic novel The Arrival won the "Book of the Year" prize as part of the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards. In addition he has been named Best Artist at the World Fantasy Awards in Montreal, Canada and worked for Blue Sky Studios and Pixar, providing artwork for forthcoming movies.

"Looking over much of my previous work as an illustrator and writer, such as The Rabbits (about colonisation), The Lost Thing (about a creature lost in a strange city) or The Red Tree (a girl wandering through shifting dreamscapes), I realise that I have a recurring interest in notions of 'belonging', particularly the finding or losing of it."

For more information visit Shaun Tan's website.




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