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Di Wu's artwork
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Di Wu
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Di Wu was born in China, where he studied at the Central Academy of
Fine Arts, Beijing and became Art Editor at the People's Fine Arts Publishing
House, one of the biggest publishers of fine art books in China.

He moved to Australia in 1984 to study and has since traveled widely in Tibet,
Nepal and Thailand, as well as in Europe.

His work reflects his Tibetan Buddhist approach to life and art, by combining Eastern and Western themes and processes. His preferred materials
are charcoal and water color, "which enable me to draw and paint at the same time."

Glass Tears, written by Jane Jolly (Limelight Press, 2006) is his newest
book. Based on a true event from the 1940s, it is the story of a young girl who threads glass beads for a glass bouquet to place on her father's grave. Each bead is a glass tear she sheds in memory of her father, who left Vietnam for another land and never came back.
Illustrated by Di Wu:

Glass Tears, written by Jane Jolly (Limelight Press).

Grandpa's Mask, written by Jing Jing Guo (University of Western Australia Press).

Old Magic, written by Allan Baillie (Random House).

Ah Kee & the Glass Bottle, written by Joan Salanitri Greater ( Greater Glided Productions).

Rebel!, written by Allan Baillie (Ashton Scholastic).


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